Business Combined - A German Language Course for Managers

This Business German course is specially designed for managers with not a lot of time to spare. The Business Combined course offers: 20 group lessons per week in the morning plus 10 to 20 concentrated business German private lessons in the afternoon. For the full immersion experience you are able to book accommodation with half board with a German host family during your course as well as participating in our free time activities. There is also the possibility to book extra seminars to add to your immersive experience here at TREFFPUNKT.

Do you need German for your job? And don’t have a lot of time to spare?

We have the answer to your problem: Business combined!

In the morning you will learn German in a group with an average of 4 to 6 people. In the afternoon you will participate in an intensive one to one private Business German lesson. This one to one lesson will concentrate on the areas that you think are important for your job as well as on the areas that you wish to concentrate on. For example, during these lessons you are able to concentrate on:

  • Business correspondence: learn and practice writing emails and business letters in German. With your one to one teacher you will be able to practice writing emails and letters as well as look and read examples of emails and letters in German.
  • Using the telephone in German: Are you uncomfortable of speaking on the phone in German? Do you immediately start speaking English? With the help from our experienced teachers you can overcome your problems with speaking German while on the phone.  
  • Presentations in German: Do you have to make presentations in German as part of your job and don’t always have the right vocabulary to do so? Would you like to practice giving presentations? You will be able to practice and improve your presentations during the one to one lessons. Would you like to go in depth and learn the correct way to make a presentation in German? We would suggest that you book the Polished Presentations Seminar.
  • Learn to negotiate in German: Germans negotiate differently and this is not only because the negotiations take place in German but also because of the German culture around negotiation and business. Would you like to learn more about German negotiation strategies as well as learn how to better negotiate with German businesses and colleagues? With the help of our German teachers, that is possible.
  • German specific to your branch: Do you go to a lot of conferences and want to inform future clients about your product? Do you need the specific German vocabulary of your branch? Our teachers can help with improving your vocabulary in the following areas: the Automobile Industry, Construction, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Service and Desk Jobs, Tourism, Medicine, Music, Theology, Sport or Theater.

Haven’t had enough German yet? We have the solution, full immersion! You can live with a German Host family as well as eating dinner together with your Hosts five times a week and one evening per week you can go with your friends from TREFFPUNKT to dinner (Stammtisch) in one of the many wonderful restaurants and Breweries in Bamberg.

With this intensive and immersive program, you will be able to improve your German tremendously in just one to two weeks!

Give your German a boost and book the Business Combined Package! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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