University Pathway

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - University PathwayYou plan to study in Gemany? Before you can even start your studies at a German university there are a lot of requirements that have to be fulfilled and there are certain questions that have to be clarified.

  • For example, what type of university is the best one for me?
  • How can I enroll?
  • Where and how do I get a visa?

Don‘t panic. Just contact us and we will help you with our special University Pathway course. Our University Pathway program deals with all important questions regarding your studies in Germany. We will stand by your side and help you with every relevant aspect and all the details so that all your application forms are completed correctly.  We will guide you safely through the bureaucratic maze of German institutions.

Your way to study in Germany

Additionally, we will already support you before the start of your German language course. Together with you we will define and set approachable goals for you. Due to our language expertise we can estimate how long it will take you to reach the language proficiency level that is required for studying at a German university. At the end of the University Pathway course program you will take a language exam. The language institute TREFFPUNKT offers the possibility to directly take the telc exam which is a requirement for studying at a German university. As soon as you pass it you can start your studies in Germany.

We will test your previous German language knowledge and we will create a time schedule with you based on your results. For that reason, we offer you a free placement test.

Our University Pathway program includes 25 lessons per week. The course length will be tailored to your individual needs. Sign up today!

Course start: every Monday (except for complete beginners)
Course type: 25 x 45 minutes per week – consisting of 20 x 45 minutes German language course and 5 x 45 minutes spent on the preparation for your studies in Germany (e.g., support with your application for a visa, choosing an appropriate university, passing the required language exam etc.)
Course size: a maximum of 8 people – this guarantees a fast and effective learning experience
Course duration: 8 to 40 weeks
Course fee: starts at 244 Euro per week
Also included in the course are: the course confirmation that you need for your visa application, the language placement test, teaching materials, a Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT certificate, cultural program, final exam and preparation as well as accommodation for the first four weeks.

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