The TREFFPUNKT Teaching Method

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT - Certificate ceremonyThe fast and efficient way to learn

At TREFFPUNKT we don´t only love the language but live it! We strongly believe that language has the power to connect everyone and to build bridges. With this passion in our hearts and heads we teach in a creative, lively, fun and productive way.

For this we use our TREFFPUNKT course method.

The TREFFPUNKT course method is orientated around an “integrated approach” to language learning. We use the term "integrated" because, in accordance with your own language aims as an adult, we search for and employ the best possible balance between the individual points that the students would particularly like to focus on and a broad knowledge of the German language.

The building blocks of our method have been specially developed for adult learners. In the course of more than 25 years of experience, they have proven to be very successful and are continually revised and improved.

At TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg you can expect:

  • small teaching groups with on average five students (max. eight students, minimum age 18, average age 30)
  • well-balanced teaching with the following aims:
    • to improve oral and written expression
    • to broaden vocabulary
    • to convey fundamental points of grammar
    • to make use of practical content, which is orientated around real and frequently experienced situations
  • flexibility throughout the whole course period: The course chosen can be adapted according to your previous knowledge, interests and your learning progress. For example:
    • the group course can be supplemented by flexible individual tuition
    • an appropriate course level corresponding to a recognized system (the common European framework for the study of foreign languagesExternal Link Learning German) with
    • a differentiated entry level test BEFORE the beginning of the course
    • tests every other Wednesday to determine learning progress
    • different types of course to suit individual learning requirements: mini group lessons, mini group lessons combined with individual tuition, individual tuition
  • at least 2 teachers per group, giving you the advantage of their different styles, personalities and methods.
  • lessons are taught in German from the very beginning. As a result you will begin to speak, understand and think in German very quickly. A different language (mostly English) will be used only when absolutely necessary.
  • very committed and well-qualified teaching staff, who will also always have time for you after classes - opportunities exist for regular discussions with our Directors and the teaching staff so that you can continually optimize your course and your overall level of satisfaction
  • educational teaching material – for your intensive course you will use the best accredited text books as well as authentic material developed specially by TREFFPUNKT
  • at least 3 leisure activities per week, so you can continue to learn German even after class is over
  • instructions for self-study after the course with the possibility of online guidance from TREFFPUNKT - an exclusive offer for TREFFPUNKT students
  • Plus: optional seminars are offered on practical cultural or business topics
  • and finally: good organization and an open, cheerful atmosphere that encourages a rigorous but fun approach to learning German.

How we differ from other language schools is that even if you undertake the most intensive language training (for example a crash course with 8 hours of individual tuition a day), you don’t have to miss out on every day contact with German and German people. Let us take a couple of examples:

If you step out of our school building onto the street, you are immediately thrown into the busy life of a typical German town centre with department stores, cafés, boutiques, pubs, book shops – there is no campus. A campus can result in such a closed atmosphere that you can barely be aware that you are in Germany.

  • We often meet in the evenings for a relaxed beer in one of the traditional breweries.
  • We find you an accommodation in a German household. So you live with Germans, get to know the German everyday life and the German food – and you benefit from personal contact to your new German friends!
  • In this way you are constantly brought into contact with the German language.

Our German courses are suitable for people from all walks of life:

Whether you are a professional, a translator in german translation services, a student, are in the process of changing careers or simply want to learn German and get to know Germany, TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg, with its combination of language course, group leisure activities and seminars, can offer you the ideal environment in which to attain your learning goals as quickly as possible.