Applying for Jobs in Germany

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In order to proceed successfully with a job application in Germany, we will give you essential tips in this seminar and you will learn:
  • What the needed application documents are and how they are perfectly designed.
  • How you to find the most interesting employers and how you can contact them.
  • What you should consider when starting in a German company.

  • Having success with your job search in Germany.
  • Learning the special features of job applications in Germany.
  • Behaving appropriately during the decisive conversations of the job interview.
  • Substantiate the application focus: Where do I have the most chances?

  • Knowing the aims, chances and risks while searching for a job in Germany.
  • Getting to know different application paths in Germany.
  • Learning how to prepare various application documents.
  • What is expected during the first days at a new job in Germany.

If you already have your documents prepared and you want to be trained for a specific current job offer, probably the seminar Successful Job interview in Germany is more appropriate.

Level of language ability:

At least language level A2


Duration: Three instructional units of 90 minutes, as individual training 1-to-1

Part I:    

Introduction, goal clarification, individual focuses
What documents are needed for the job application in Germany?
Job application, cover letter and resume (sample)
Creating a CV
Creating e a cover letter
Finding a current job offer

Create or revise the resume, create a cover letter, search for interesting job opportunities

Part II:      

Going over the CV and final version
Going over and correction of the cover letter
Selection and evaluation of current vacancies
Adjustment of the sample cover letter to apply for the selected Job
clarification of questions

prepare a complete sample application file

Part III:      

Reviewing the completed application file
Creating blocks and sample texts for other cover letter refering to specific job postings
Tips to create a LinkedIn and XING profile, text modules
Discussion of the next application steps
Clarify recent questions

Additional information:

The seminar isn't tied to the booking of a language course at TREFFPUNKT.
In addition to extensive seminar documents there is also in the course price included:
The book "More than manners - Business Etiquette in Germany" is included in the seminar fee,
extensive sample texts, tips and examples to download (password protected)

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