Be Super Prepared for the telc Exam

Decide on a professional and fitting preparation course at the TREFFPUNKT Language Institute.

telc German Prep Course

We will first thoroughly check your German knowledge with a placement test so that we can assess your level of language knowledge. If you want to participate in the prep course, you should make sure that:
-    You have an appropriate level of German so that you can follow the course.
-    You can invest the necessary amount of time and energy into the course.

In order for you to reach the required language level for your test, it will certainly help if you partook in our intensive preparation course beforehand. We offer focused preparation for the test in the form of a customized one-to-one lesson to further your written and oral articulateness, as well as your reading and listening comprehension.

If you would like to book our intensive and effective preparation course, you can find more information on our prep course here.
Before attending one of the telc-preparation courses for German, your command of the German language should have already reached the respective level. The major goal of the course will deal with the mediation of different formats and techniques of testing. In this context, authentic German language materials are preferably used by telc. Less time will be spent on the repetition of grammar and vocabulary.

Test Appointments

We will sign you up as a single person for the test. That means that you will receive an individually assigned test date through the telc company. Therefore, you won’t be bothered by waiting for a long time and run the risk that all test dates are possibly booked up or the registration deadline has already passed. You can register for your telc German test at any time.


The telc German results will be available 3 weeks after at the latest.

Detailed Information of the Structure of telc German Tests

All telc German tests have the following 4 levels:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking

What are the Advantages of telc Tests?

  1. Flexible and individual! We can organize a time that suits you. The appointments only need to be 4 weeks in advance. If it needs to be sooner, 8 days are even enough.
  2. No more booked up tests! You want to get tested? We will test you! Through our flexible structure over time, we can organize a test- completely without waiting for a long time until the next test date.
  3. Fast grading! Your results will be available 22 days after at the latest. If you’re in a big hurry, we can grade your test faster upon request!
  4. The price of telc tests are the price of most other tests, so it’s also worth it financially!
  5. Passing is passing! Say for example if you haven’t had a good day and only passed the oral portion of the test; it’s considered passing! If you take the test again within one year, then you don’t have to repeat the oral portion!


A1 to A2

70,00 €

B1 to B2

100,00 €

C1 to C2

130,00 €

Late Registration and fast-grading

extra charge upon request

About TREFFPUNKT Language Institute, Your telc Test Center

The language institute was founded in 1995 and is an international language institute for adults. The school is a participant of FaDaF (Association of German as a Foreign Language) and is a nationally recognized educational institute.

TREFFPUNKT Language Institute Bamberg is located directly next to the Main-Donau Canal at the start of the pedestrian zone and around 12 minutes by foot from the train station. Our classrooms are bright and friendly. We offer high quality courses in a pleasant learning atmosphere.

The classes are held by qualified and experienced teachers, the majority having already taught in a foreign country, as well as having necessary academic qualification. We take pride in our intercultural and communicative lessons. Since we are a small and specialized language school with students from around the whole world, we have adopted special needs and goals of our participants. You will certainly feel at home with us; because of this you will learn fast!

TREFFPUNKT Language Institute Bamberg, learn with us and from us. Learn about Germany with us in Bamberg!