Be Super Prepared for the telc Exam

Decide on a professional and fitting preparation course at the TREFFPUNKT Language Institute.

telc German Prep Course

We will first thoroughly check your German knowledge with a placement test so that we can assess your level of language knowledge. If you want to participate in the prep course, you should make sure that:

  • You have an appropriate level of German so that you can follow the course.
  • You can invest the necessary amount of time and energy into the course.

In order for you to reach the required language level for your test, it will certainly help if you partook in our intensive preparation course beforehand. We offer focused preparation for the test in the form of a customized one-to-one lesson to further your written and oral articulateness, as well as your reading and listening comprehension.

If you would like to book our intensive and effective preparation course, you can find more information on our German Exam Preparation Course (1-to1) here. We also offer the possibility of combining our Intensive-Plus-German Course with private, one to one Lessons, that can be specifically used to prepare for an Exam. This Course is our Combined Preparation Course (Group and one to One Class).

Before attending one of the telc-preparation courses for German, your command of the German language should have already reached the respective level. The major goal of the course will deal with the mediation of different formats and techniques of testing. In this context, authentic German language materials are preferably used by telc. Less time will be spent on the repetition of grammar and vocabulary. If you have not yet reached this level of German Proficiency, we strongly suggest that you participate in our German Mini Group Course. That will better your chances of successfully passing the Exam.

Detailed Information of the Structure of telc German Tests

All telc German tests have the following 4 levels:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking