Why Bamberg?

A town both traditional and modern

Sunny street cafes, unspoiled, well-preserved architecture, smoked beer, Franconian wine and a picturesque countryside. It is easy to feel comfortable in Bamberg.


The once imperial city of Bamberg is located in northern Bavaria and is considered one of the most romantic of German cities. When Heinrich II was crowned king of Germany in 1002 he chose Bamberg as his favourite residence and laid the foundations for the development of the city, which started in the Romanesque period and reached its peak in the Baroque era. In 1993 Bamberg was awarded "World Heritage" status by UNESCO. The town was scarcely damaged during WWII and still retains many splendid mediaeval architectural features and over 3000 historical buildings.

Cultural and active life

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - World Heritage - Altes RathausBecause of its complex history and the influence of the university and the church on cultural life, Bamberg offers a great diversity. You can choose between 13 museums, 10 galleries and 8 theatres. It is also the home of the world-renowned classical orchestra, the Bamberger Symphoniker. For those who like to party in the evenings, there are street festivals, bars and clubs. Those who wish to be active and play sports will also feel at home in and around Bamberg: volleyball, badminton, rowing, tennis, cycling, golf, hiking, climbing and roller blading along the canal are just a few of the activities on offer.

A delight for the taste-buds

Many of the centuries-old buildings have pubs where home-brewed beer and Franconian as well as Bavarian dishes are served. Great diversity and old traditions is a motto for the nine beer breweries of Bamberg and also for the many Franconian wines and types of bread. Get to know Bamberg, come with us, relax in beer gardens and try the local specialties: Franconian wine, smoked beer (example 'Schlenkerla'), with it a variety of sausages and breads.

Tourist sights and more information about the town? 

Bamberg's tourist information office is represented at www.bamberg.info