The TREFFPUNKT team – German

Experts for professional German courses

So who's behind TREFFPUNKT?

Carlo has been teaching German as a foreign language and Italian for over 20 years. At TREFFPUNKT he usually takes over individual trainings in both languages. You can meet him here at Kettenbrücke or in companies in and around Bamberg, where he teaches for TREFFPUNKT.

Since 2003 in the TREFFPUNKT team. If you need to prepare for TestDaF or other exams on the levels B2 up to C2 – Dorle is the "right woman" for you. She will support and help you until you are perfectly prepared.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Dorle
Edda combines her two specialties at TREFFPUNKT, namely medicine and teaching. She is a doctor and at TREFFPUNKT specializes in preparing medical students for the "Fachsprachprüfung" of the Bavarian Medical Association.
Elke is totally international: She lived in several countries on three different continents. She has been enriching the TREFFPUNKT team since 2019. She loves teaching the Mini Groups. It is always a highlight for the students to meet Elke at the Stammtisch get-together!
Erik has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2010. His specialty is communication! One-on-one lessons with him are super effective and great fun. Instead of books, he often brings things to class!
Erna is an experienced teacher who changed target groups a few years ago: from a public school for teenagers she switched to teaching German as a foreign language. She is a cheerful and patient teacher who is very popular with her students.

Frank has been teaching for TREFFPUNKT since 2005. Before, he gained experience in teaching German in other countries. The students like how he explains the German grammar as well as his style of teaching vocabulary.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Frank
Ildikó has been teaching German as a foreign language in and around Bamberg for many years. At TREFFPUNKT she takes on private lessons and evening classes - you can also meet her in your oral telc exam!

Irma has German learner fans from Mexico to Australia! She has only been with TREFFPUNKT since 2022, but she already has 40 years of teaching experience. Her students love how well she explains German grammar.

Jakob is a linguistics lover and an expert in gender-neutral language. He teaches German in our intensive courses. It is totally exciting to philosophize with him at the Stammtisch about the latest developments in the German language.
James is our man for special German lessons. Do you work in agricultural machinery or are you a brewer and need German at work? It is quite possible that you will meet James at TREFFPUNKT in your private lessons!
Jürgen is not only a full-blooded teacher with years of experience in German, but also a professional musician with a lot of passion. The students love his structured way of explaining grammar and vocabulary.

Since 2004 teacher for German as a Foreign Language, since 2012 in the TREFFPUNKT team and meanwhile the Director of the language institute. If it helps the students she is ready to jump on or crawl under the table to explain the German language.

Since 2019 in the TREFFPUNKT team. The students took her immediately in their hearts due to her open and kind personality and her communicative and interactive teaching style. Mareen lived, studied and worked in English speaking countries for many years, so that she can speak both, German and English, like her mother tongues!

Marieke has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2017 and knows German grammar like the back of her hand. She is loved by her students for her calm, clear and competent way of teaching. And during the breaks, she's great to fool around with.

With TREFFPUNKT since 2020, he immediately won the hearts of the students. He brings his experience as a German teacher at an American university to the teaching and the "German for All" program with great success. You can also meet him at the weekly get-together.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team Deutsch: Markus

Mina has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2020. She is our all-rounder. Linguist with heart and soul, she teaches German, is a telc examiner and supervises exams. In addition, she always enjoys hosting the weekly get-together. What would we do without Mina?

Nina has been back in Bamberg since 2021. She previously gained experience in Heidelberg and is a TREFFPUNKT specialist for individual training, exam preparation and online lessons.

Since 2000 in the TREFFPUNKT team. Some students also call him the „God of Grammar“… He is specialised in the DSH exam. Furthermore he also knows everything about Franconian beer and is well known for his beer seminar.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Norbert

Rita is a phenomenon! She comes from Italy and speaks German so well that she is currently completing her Master's degree in German Studies at the University of Bamberg. Her enthusiasm for the German language motivates our students in the basic level and in German for All. Rita is a real role model!
Sarah is from the USA and has managed to speak German so well that she has taught German for several universities in the USA. She has 5 years of experience teaching German and English. Besides her master studies in Bamberg, she works at TREFFPUNKT as a teacher for both languages. She is also the perfect role model for you, because she is already where you want to be: she has level C2 in German!
Shiva is known for her calm and patient manner, with which she manages to teach you the pronunciation of German particularly well. Shiva is also an integral part of our mini-group courses.