The TREFFPUNKT team – German

Experts for professional German courses

So who's behind TREFFPUNKT?

Since 1998 in the TREFFPUNKT team. Through the fact that he speaks several languages he can also explain the German language with a great sense of humour and structure. The students love his walking tours and talks about German Culture where he brings the history of the city to life. 
Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Christoph

Since 2009 in the TREFFPUNKT team. The structured depiction of grammar is her speciality. She can make detailed panel paintings which will give you the absolute “aha” effect.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Debbie

Since 2003 in the TREFFPUNKT team. If you need to prepare for TestDAF or other exams on the levels B2 up to C2 – Dorle is the "right woman" for you. She will support and help you until you are perfectly prepared.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Dorle
Elke is totally international: She lived in several countries on three different continents. She has been enriching the TREFFPUNKT team since 2019. She loves teaching the Mini Groups. It is always a highlight for the students to meet Elke at the Stammtisch get-together!
Erik has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2010. His specialty is communication! One-on-one lessons with him are super effective and great fun. Instead of books, he often brings things to class!

Frank has been teaching for TREFFPUNKT since 2005. Before, he gained experience in teaching German in other countries. The students like how he explains the German grammar as well as his style of teaching vocabulary.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Frank
Since 2015 in the TREFFPUNKT team. His quiet, motivating approach and his well-structured lessons are very popular among the students. The students always have great fun when Frank is offering trips to Munich or the region around Bamberg.
Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Frank
Working as a teacher since 1995, in the TREFFPUNKT team since 2015. Kerstin always teaches with great commitment and sometimes she also bakes some christmas cookies with the students.
Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Kerstin

Since 1995 teacher for DaF and since 2010 in the TREFFPUNKT team. Kristin is a very experienced and patient teacher. You will laugh and learn at the same time during her lessons. And on top she almost has an answer on every question.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Kristin

Since 2004 teacher for German as a Foreign Language, since 2012 in the TREFFPUNKT team and meanwhile the Director of the language institute. If it helps the students she is ready to jump on or crawl under the table to explain the German language.

Since 2019 in the TREFFPUNKT team. The students took her immediately in their hearts due to her open and kind personality and her communicative and interactive teaching style. Mareen lived, studied and worked in English speaking countries for many years, so that she can speak both, German and English, like her mother tongues!

Marieke has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2017 and knows German grammar like the back of her hand. She is loved by her students for her calm, clear and competent way of teaching. And during the breaks, she's great to fool around with.

With TREFFPUNKT since 2020, he immediately won the hearts of the students. He brings his experience as a German teacher at an American university to the teaching and the "German for All" program with great success.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team Deutsch: Markus


Mina has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2020. She is our all-rounder. Linguist with heart and soul, she teaches German, is a telc examiner, supervises exam and helps in the office. In addition, she always enjoys holding the online get-together. What would we do without Mina?

Since 2000 in the TREFFPUNKT team. Some students also call him the „God of Grammar“… He is specialised in the DSH exam. Furthermore he also knows everything about Franconian beer and is well known for his beer seminar.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg - Team: Norbert