Kristina Schimmeyer

Portraitfoto Kristina Schimmeyer Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKTKristina Schimmeyer is the Director of TREFFPUNKT Language Institute. She is in charge of making TREFFPUNKT Language Institute into a competent and a worldwide recognized Language Learning Centre. This includes cooperation with international agencies and working together with companies from Bamberg and around the world. Kristina Schimmeyer loves the German language and teaching. She started teaching German as a foreign language when she was just 14 years old and later she studied German at University so she could make her passion for teaching German into a career.  After an Internship at the TREFFPUNKT Language Institute, an Internship abroad in Romania and a Degree in Educational Management from the PH Ludwigsburg, Kristina Schimmeyer started working at different Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, for example Bamberg University, Würzburg University, Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg.

What Kristina Schimmeyer loves about her work:
„At TREFFPUNKT Language Institute the best, nicest and most open people from around the world come together and meet each other. These meetings and friendships are always exhilarating and rewarding. For me as a teacher it is fascinating to see how students are able to learn a foreign language and how they are able to improve a little every day. And this happens without having to use a „Nürnberger- Trichter‘(a teaching and learning method, that requires no independent effort from students to produce, for example, their own sentences), you can do much more through facilitating interaction between the students and the language. That is why I use every medium while I am teaching, I stand on chairs, crawl under tables, use over the top facial expressions, and draw pictures on the whiteboard. As long as it helps students progress in learning the language!”  

Christoph Brey

Portraitfoto Christoph Brey Sprachinsitut TREFFPUNKTChristoph Brey is the Director of Studies at TREFFPUNKT Language Institute and is responsible for the organization of the Language courses provided by the institute. He is also responsible for the placement of the students into different language proficiency levels and German courses so that they are able to get the most from their language course. In addition to this he also leads the leisure activities of the Language Institute in the afternoon.

Christoph Brey has always had a teaching personality and even as he was completing his Slavonic Linguistic Major at University he started teaching German as a foreign language. His teaching debut came in 2001 at TREFFPUNKT Language Institute. Later he also worked at Bamberg University. From 2016 onwards, he works as the Director of Studies at the Language Institute.

Christoph Brey was born in Bamberg and has a lot of knowledge to share about the city. During his walking tours and talks about German Culture he brings the history of the city to life. He knows where the prettiest roads in the old town are and can find the best places to take pictures. And best of all Christoph Brey knows all there is to know about the ten Bamberg breweries, he can find the perfect brewery and beer for you, no matter what your tastes are.

What Christoph Brey loves about his work:
“Here I can use my talents in a productive way: I am able to help people find a gateway to the language they are learning. My talent and passion are: being able to explain techniques for effective learning and  explaining complex grammar with a combination of patience and fun. My goal is to motivate students to learn independently so they are able to reach their language learning goals. One thing is clear, learning German is not easy and there needs to be a certain amount of motivation and engagement from the students. Even the struggles that come with learning a foreign language are praised here. Every correct sentence and grammar rule learned increases the student’s motivation and enthusiasm for a complex and fascinating language like German. Together with our wonderful and talented teachers, I am able to help students learn fantastically good German!”

Nicole Jahn

Portraitfoto Nicole Jahn Sprachinsitut TREFFPUNKTIn 2017 Nicole Jahn started her job as the Director of the Language Institute’s Assistant. She has all the right skills to work at a Language Institute. Because she worked in the tourism branch, she is able to organize and put into action the wishes and needs of the students in the best way possible. Nicole Jahn’s work is wonderfully structured. She is very engaged and works hard even when her job is complicated and difficult. She keeps working until the job is done. She is always in a good mood when she works and has a great sense of humor so that the proverbial sun shines whenever she is in the room.

What Nicole Jahn loves about her work:    
“I am most excited about the fact that the job is so varied and that I never experience two identical work days. That way I am able to learn new things and I am able to practice my English which makes this job fun and interesting.”

Franziska Friedrich

Portraitfoto Franziska Friedrich Sprachinsitut TREFFPUNKTSince 2018 Franziska Friedrich is part of the TREFFPUNT Team and is the first one you will see at the reception desk. She takes care about the whole organisation around language courses and is in close contact with the language students. Furthermore, she organises the leisure time activity programme always considering the individual wishes from the participants. She likes the work and daily dealing with international students and always keeps an overview on everything.

What Franziska loves about her work:
“While working at Treffpunkt I can use all of my talents. I have a lot of contact to people from all over the world but on the same hand I can focus on administrative tasks. The good mood and the right sense of humour is never missing in our wonderful TREFFPUNKT – TEAM. That’s why I love and enjoy my work so much."

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