Our social commitment, environmental protection and corporate sustainability

Familientreff Löwenzahn – Voluntary commitment for a great purpose

Language changes everything – the access to language education can have an enormous impact on the biography of a person and can give life a valuable impulse to develop into a completely different direction. As a provider of exclusive language courses in mini groups, we are primarily targeting customers who want to invest in quality education. We also know that there are many people who do not have the opportunity to take part in language courses or are not able to afford other paid learning programs. Because of this Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg is especially happy and delighted that there are great learning programs and wonderful facilities that support people to quench their thirst for learning.

The Familientreff Löwenzahn in Bamberg is one of those local institutions which we feel very committed to. It is an organisation that helps children to focus on doing their homework and getting better grades at school. Most children at the Familientreff Löwenzahn have one thing in common: their parents do not speak German very well and can not help them with their homework. It is for this reason why the homework assistance and tutoring of the Familientreff is such an invaluable gift and blessing. The Familientreff Löwenzahn offers twelve permanent homework supervision places to children from the surrounding neighborhood. Additionally, the Familientreff team also supports and ignites the educational and cultural development of the children in various ways. There is a "learning library" that enables the boys and girls to gain their first experiences with borrowing, reading and punctually returning exciting books.

On top of that the children and teenagers can play board games, they can cook, eat, dance, sing and party together. They also learn to stick to important rules and recommendations that are presented visibly on the walls. These instructions include sentences like: "We do not argue" and "We treat each other respectfully". Mrs Reinold, the head of the Familientreff Löwenzahn, and her team of volunteers ensure that the children playfully learn this rules while interacting with each other. Mrs Reinold also makes sure that the children and adolescents get to know their surroundings better. Several times a year the Familientreff organises exciting excursions to the city, to the Bamberg Christmas market or the theatre.

The Familientreff Löwenzahn is also an important meeting point for mothers. Every week a breakfast only for women is offered and different experts present talks on various topics like education, medicine and so on.

The language institute TREFFPUNKT feels closely connected to the Familientreff Löwenzahn. Since 2016, we support the homework tutoring and we are extremely happy to sponsor and finance one of the twelve permanent homework supervision places. We are also absolutely delighted to help, because support for this project is urgently needed. Kristina Schimmeyer, the director of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT, visits the Familientreff several times a year. Every time she is thrilled and fascinated by the joyful and encouraging atmosphere of this special place. Mrs Reinold’s and her team’s work is really marvellous. The language institute TREFFPUNKT thanks all the helpers for their magnificent commitment!


That is what we do for the environment


Green electricity and climate-neutral gas

Environmental protection is an important issue for us. The electricity we use at the Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT is generated 100% from renewable sources. Our gas that is used to operate the heating is climate-neutral. This is how we contribute to preserving our unique environment.


Fair trade coffee

At the Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT it usually smells of coffee, because during our breaks, before and after class, we use a coffee machine. Our coffee does not only smell and taste very delicious, it also contributes to a better and juster world: it is fairly traded and supports the people who grow, harvest and roast it, with a fair income and fair working conditions.


Recycled paper

All our flyers and brochures are printed on recycled paper. And of course we also only have the best recycled paper at our loo.