Come and join our German courses!

Learn German in Germany - intensive Language Courses in mini groups

German courses for adults in Bamberg – intensive, fun and effective lessons for daily life, your job, studies or exams.

Maximise your progress in small groups or one-to-one sessions!

Small groups are the key to efficient learning. That's why we exclusively offer these types of courses. In these courses you are guaranteed a maximum learning success, an intensive learning experience but also fun during your stay in Germany.

You can choose between different types of course programs and supplementary seminars — it is the optimal starting point for goal-oriented learning.

Either you learn in a mini group, on a one-to-one basis or a combination of both (mini group PLUS course). Your focus can be on general German and / or business German.

Our program:

Courses differ from each other with regard to...

  • Number of lessons and intensity:
    20 lessons per week in a mini group
    or from 2 to 50 lessons per week one-to-one training
    or a combination of both
  • Teaching contents:
    Even distribution of grammar, speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing skills in the levels A1 to B2. However, stronger focus on vocabulary extension and conversation with less grammar from level C1 onwards.
  • The more lessons you book, the more homework you will have. So when choosing a course, please consider the amount of lessons and note that you will have to spend about 2 to 3 hours on homework on average every day.

Courses are comparable to each with regard to...

  • Teaching level:
    from complete beginners to participants with a high proficiency in Germany
    6 course levels based on the Common European Framework from A1 to C2
  • Teaching material:
    From level A1 to B1: textbook Panorama (Cornelsen) supplemented by our own material.
    From level A2 to C1: textbook Aspekte neu (Klett) supplemented by our own material, newspapers and magazines.
    At level C2 we use very advanced grammar exercises, our own material and newspapers.
    From level A2 to B2 we include texts / article  from the magazine Deutsch Perfekt.
  • Teaching contents:
    In all one-to-one lessons and during the afternoon lessons for the super Intensive course time can be allocated to subject related topics, e.g. office German, business German, engineering vocabulary, literature, art, politics, geography and medical German. Exercises to improve phonetics, write essays, give presentations and other individual objectives are also possible.