Our cultural program: Practising the german language during cultural activities

TREFFPUNKT leisure time activities - The famous StammtischWe want your stay with TREFFPUNKT and in Bamberg to be a great experience and a learning success. As part of this, we offer cultural activities at least 3 times per week. This depends on the students, the weather and the season. We are happy to respond to your wishes and try to adapt the cultural program individually.

Talking to each other, hearing, speaking and experiencing German is very important.

You will always find information and tips on what you can do alone in Bamberg at school on the information board. We're happy to help you with theater bookings or if you have any other questions.
You can find a lot more information, for example where you can rent a bike or find the nearest hairdresser, in our student handbook.

To see our cultural activity program for the current week, please look here.

Cultural activities at TREFFPUNKT have, beside the aspect of language training, three goals: They are supposed to...

  • ...animate to a conversation in German as well as encourage the contact and understanding between students and teachers.
  • ...familiarise students with the German culture and with life in Germany.
  • ...be informative

Here you will find an overview of our cultural program.
Of course, we also welcome suggestions from you.

What would you like to experience during your stay at TREFFPUNKT and in Bamberg???

Detailed information on the individual activities can be found here.

If you are interested in an activity or have any wishes, feel free to contact us.

Here are some examples:

TREFFPUNKT leisure time activities - The famous StammtischTREFFPUNKT-Stammtisch:
Weekly, cheery gatherings in in the company of locals in one of Bamberg's beautiful beer gardens or restaurants. Every Thursday evening.

Getting to know Bamberg with TREFFPUNKT:
This includes walks through the town, during which you will learn interesting aspects about the city’s 1000-year-history.

In the summer, once in a while, we play sports together. At the weekends, we go for a walk together, do bike tours or hike in the beautiful region of Franconian Switzerland.

The weekends:
Many of our students like to organize their own trips over the weekends. Places easily reached by train, car or bus and thoroughly recommended are Frankfurt or Munich. Also very popular are Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein, and Prague or at least the Bamberg region.

Theatres and concerts:
In Bamberg’s concert hall you can enjoy the classical concerts by the world-famous orchestra Bamberger Symphoniker, and visit jazz and rock concerts. There are also many bars and clubs where small live-concerts or theatre productions are offered. The main theatre is Stadttheater E.T.A. Hoffmann, but there are also a number of small, private theatres, which offer a broad range of plays and comedies.

Afternoon activities:
May include visits to nearby cities of Nürnberg, Coburg, Bayreuth or a wine feast in a nearby town.

Lectures on topics such as the culture and history of the city of Bamberg are often given by teachers and students. For example, a lecture on Bamberg´s culture of beer is very  popular.

From time to time we go to the movies together to watch German films.

If you would like to visit other cities and regions in Germany or have special interests in cultural activities, we will be pleased to help you. We have information on German cities, regions and sights available at the school, which you may borrow free of charge.

Video: TREFFPUNKT Stammtisch at the "Wilde Rose Keller"