Learn languages and make friends - "Tandem" at TREFFPUNKT

Tandem-Partner beim Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKTHave you ever tried learning languages with a "tandem"? No, this is not about the bike for two people! Exercise in the fresh air is also very beneficial for the brain and for the ability to learn foreign languages. But here we are talking about a wonderful instrument for killing two birds with one stone: You learn a foreign language and at the same time you make international friends!


This is how it works:

Tanja learns English for her job and finally wants to dare to talk in English. She is interested in American music and movies. Susan is learning German because she will be working for a German company starting next month. She comes from the USA, and for her everything in Germany is new and exotic. TREFFPUNKT introduces them to each other. They meet in Tanja's favorite café in the afternoon and are immediately friendly. Tanja explains to Susan what an apple spritzer is. Susan has never tried it before and is skeptical. She orders it anyway and she likes it. She takes a photo for Instagram right away! Crazy Germans... Susan comes from Nashville, the cradle of country music. Tanja is enthusiastic about Susan's stories about the music culture of her hometown.


At Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT many people learn German. They come to Bamberg especially for this and stay here for a limited time, between two weeks and three months. During this time they learn German in the morning in a Mini Group Course, and in the afternoon and evening they explore the city and enjoy meeting people from Bamberg who show them beautiful cafés, great beer gardens or dreamy alleys. And exactly this setting is your chance for a "tandem"!


You register in our tandem file and tell us which language you would like to learn. If someone comes to us with this mother tongue, we will introduce you to each other. Then you will have the opportunity to meet once for a coffee, a beer or a walk. The first half hour you will speak German, the second half hour you will speak the native language of your tandem partner. If you are likeable, you can meet regularly from now on. And that is completely free of charge!


Contact us today and let us know which language you would like to learn!