German cookery

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Enter into the language of German cookery with us!

Join us on a culinary tour of traditional German cookery:
  • You are interested in German cuisine, for private or for professional reasons?
  • You are constantly looking for new recipes?
  • Baking and cooking are your great passion?
  • You want to be able finally to read and understand German cookery books?
  • Your are not the classical gourmet but you are curious?
  • You want to learn German and be creative?

We want to furnish you with:  
  • an introduction to German cookery
  • confidence in dealing with German recipes
  • improved skills of oral expression
  • knowledge of the Franconian - gourmet - culture

Content and method:  
  • Increase the vocabulary about cooking and baking
  • Get to know specific technical terms used in literature, cookery books and different recipes
  • Learn branch specific expressions
  • Be made familiar with popular cookery books used in German speaking countries
  • Train the vocabulary and the oral expression in an every day situation
  • Compose a seasonal 3 dish menu
  • Prepare 2 dishes of the menu

Recommended for all...
  • who enjoy cooking, baking, eating and drinking
  • who are interested in German cookery
  • who want to include German dishes in their repertoire
  • who want to learn German via another and creative way
  • who would like to work in a German speaking area

Level of language ability:

At least Level A2


  • Vocabulary Training
  • Presentation of different cookery books in German
  • Work on a 3 dish menu

  • Preparation of 2 dishes
  • Train the vocabulary and the oral expressions
  • Taste and refine - with wine just because it rhymes :-)

  • Enjoy with delight

The same program is offered for baking cakes, gateau, flan and tart.

Additional information:  

The course content can be adapted to the ideas and wishes of the course participants
The course material and a small collection of recipes is included
The seminar can be booked independent of a German course at an additional fee of +10% .

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