General Business Conditions

Guaranties and General Conditions

TREFFPUNKT is a completely private business, member of the trade association for German as a Foreign Language (fadaf) and accredited from the TestDaF-Institute as a test center.

All participants in the courses must be at least 18 years old.

The registration that you sent by email, fax or post, is not contract binding.

A teaching unit generally lasts 45 minutes, unless otherwise specified. Teaching units lasting 60 minutes are also possible.

The maximum number of participants per group is limited to 8 people. On average, you can proceed from a group of 5 participants. It’s possible in July and August to have groups of 10 participants daily.

There are no lessons on official holidays and no charges on holidays. You only pay for the hours for group lessons which take place!

There is no reimbursement given for courses which are missed due to your own error, private matters not reported or courses unable to be continued.

Private accommodation is available only during the time of a course and from the duration of a course of at least 2 weeks. The day of arrival is on the Sunday before the course begins and the day of departure is the Saturday after the course ends.

Booking a half board includes breakfast from Monday to Sunday and a warm meal for either lunch or dinner from Sunday to Thursday.

Booked English courses are required be taken within 24 months. Otherwise, the hours for the course will expire.

Damages that occur in the school, in the rental unit or to the belongings of the landlord, must be replaced. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure you have the necessary insurance, in particularly liability insurance, health insurance and accident insurance, which the school is also able to arrange.

The school or people in the school cannot in any case be held accountable for possible accidents, damages, illness, injury or theft.

The school is not liable for the loss of personal property und injuries brought upon oneself in the classrooms.

All course participants take part on their own accord in the free time activities. The school or people in the school cannot in any case be held accountable for possible accidents or damages. We therefore recommend that you make sure you have the necessary insurance, in particularly liability insurance, health insurance and accident insurance, which can be arranged at the time of registration.

It is possible that during free time activities and courses that photos to be taken which will be published by TREFFPUNKT on the internet. Should you not be in agreeance with this, please share that with us on the day of your first course.

The place of jurisdiction is Bamberg, Germany.


An enrolment fee of 60 Euros (German Courses) / 25 Euros (English Courses) is to be paid additionally for course fees. The fee must be paid one time within 12 months of enrolment and pertains to every course, no matter the duration.

After receiving the course confirmation, you will pay a deposit of 160 Euros. The rest of the fees for the course and the private accommodation can be paid in cash or credit with the deposit or on the first day of the course at the latest. Please note that with transfers, you are

responsible for the fees from the bank.

The course fees include the course as booked, teaching material, placement and final exam, participant certificate, advising and 3 free time activities a week.


Unless otherwise specified, the following are to be paid with a cancellation:

cancelling more than 4 weeks before the beginning of the course: no charge

between 11 and 27 days before the beginning of the course: you can switch your course for free to another time or you must pay 20 % of the course and the accommodation fees, but only for a maximum of 2 weeks

less than 10 days before the course begins: 50 % of the course and accommodation fees, but only for a maximum of 2 weeks

less than 5 days before the course begins: 100 % of the course and accommodation fees, but only a maximum of 2 weeks.

Dropping out after the expiration of the cancellation period will result in a loss of the 160 Euro deposit.

Transferring registration to another person for the same course and time is also possible.

These conditions are also valid if you postpone the course. Should you find a back-up for the same time frame, then no cancellation fees are due.

Please understand that TREFFPUNKT cannot take financial responsibility for unpredictable catastrophes, like personal or health-related problems.

Program/course changes and hourly reduction are subject to change for less than 3 participants in a group.

Other Conditions

All former TREFFPUNKT participants are considered for a reduced registration fee of 30 Euros (50 %).

If you take more courses from us within a year, the registration fee is dropped.

If multiple bookings are made, we will give you a discount on the price. Ask about our corporate tariffs if you want to train more employees as a firm at the same time or within a calendar year.

We also offer individual crash or refresher-oriented courses, for example over an extended weekend. With that, we would like to present an offer to you. Send us your request.

Arrival and Departure

In the case that you’re staying in a private accommodation, your room will be already available the Sunday before the course begins. After the last day of courses on Friday, you can still stay in your room until Saturday.

More security with our money-back-guarantee. If our service should not be in accordance with our brochures or our website, please share that with us in writing within the first week of the course. The language institute TREFFPUNKT will have the situation taken care of within 3 days at the latest. Should your expectations still not be met with our service, we will refund you the course fees.

To make sure our standard of quality is adhered to, you are invited to give us the first evaluation over the course and accommodation on the fifth day after the start of the course. You can find out more about that on the first day of the course.

Consent Form

Booking and payment for a TREFFPUNKT language program means that you accept the terms and conditions described above. TREFFPUNKT cannot be held responsible for typographical mistakes on this website. Decisive are the prices in the booking portal. Please write to us if something seems unclear.

Our Address

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT
Hauptwachstraße 19
D-96047 Bamberg
E: post(at)learn-german(dot)com
T: +49 951 3027989
F: +49 951 3017524