General Terms And Conditions

  1. Applicants must be 18 years old or over.
  2. One lesson lasts 45 minutes, standard lesson time in Germany.
  3. Classes on most public holidays.
  4. A Euro 52 enrollment fee is charged in addition to all courses and individual training fees. It must only be paid once per year.
  5. After receipt of the course enrollment you transfer a deposit of Euro 150 to our account. The remaining course fees and private accommodation costs can be paid with the deposit or must be paid in full in cash or by creditcard upon arrival at the school. If you make a money transfer you are responsible for all bank charges.
  6. We reserve the right to make modifications to the programme.
  7. Average class size is 5 students, maximum 8. From June to August maximum 10.
  8. Students who return to TREFFPUNKT will receive the discount for longterm students.
  9. Private accommodation is only available for the time of the course and if the course duration is minimum 2 weeks. Arrival is one day before start of class (= Sunday). Departure is, at the latest, one day after classes finish (= Saturday).
  10. Half board includes breakfast from Monday to Sunday and one meal, lunch or dinner, from Sunday to Thursday.
  11. After you have sent the enrollment form either by post, fax or online, the application is binding.
  12. Regardless of the time of cancellation, the deposit of Euro 150  will not be refunded. Please note that cancellation charges 14 days before the course commences are 50%. If the course is cancelled 7 days before the start of the course, 100% of the course and accommodation fees will be charged to a maximum of 2 weeks.
  13. The conditions are also applicable if you postpone your course. Should you send a substitute person for the same period, then no cancellation fees will be charged, however an administrative fee of Euro 150 will apply.
  14. We are unable to offer compensation for classes missed, or courses shortened, due to student illness or other personal reasons.
  15. The school or persons of the school cannot be held responsible for accidents, damages, illness, injuries or theft.
  16. The school and its employees do not accept liability for the loss of personal property.
  17. You accept liability for any damage you may cause in the school and to the property of your landlord. We therefore strongly recommend that you make insurance arrangements, in particular health and personal liability insurance which can be taken out when signing up for a course.
  18. If you participate in leisure activities offered by TREFFPUNKT you do so at your own personal risk.
  19. Occasionally we photograph or film activity at TREFFPUNKT for promotional purposes. If you do not wich to be photographed or filmed, please let us know.
  20. Jurisdiction lies in Bamberg, Germany.