Why choose a German Course at TREFFPUNKT?

Not because we want hundreds of students in our school!

TREFFPUNKT is a small school, and we like it that way.

If you're the kind of adult learner who wants the quality of a small, professional school offering a motivating environment in an attractive location, then you're the kind of person we enjoy having in our school.

Being a small school is important to us. It means that we really treat you as an individual, and not only during class. Outside of school we offer many group activities — discussions, sports and culture.

Three excellent reasons to study with us:

  1. Study German at one of Germany's leading schools specializing in "German as a foreign language" for adults — Experience the highest teaching standards.
    Since 1995, TREFFPUNKT Bamberg has been welcoming students from around the world to Bamberg. Throughout that time we have developed a varied programme of courses. All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in adult learning. They are chosen for their excellent ability, knowledge and their open and friendly approach. Many of them are in constant contact with the German department of Linguistics and Literature at the University of Bamberg, which is one of the few universities, where "German as a foreign language" is taught. They not only teach using modern methods, but also understand your language problems and can help you overcome them. You will be taught by at least two different teachers in one course, giving you the advantage of their different styles, personalities and methods. 
    Learn more about our course programme.
  2. Individual service — personalized attention at all times
    We take care of your every need, right from the first contact and beyond, to ensure that your course is everything you would expect from TREFFPUNKT Bamberg. We focus on adult learners and take into account the fact that adult learners' goals and issues are quite different from those found in youth education. Our Principal Kristina Schimmeyer and her team will always have time for you and your needs.
    Contact us directly for your questions.
  3. Enjoy outstanding social and cultural activities with the TREFFPUNKT community
    What will your German course in Germany be worth if you don't practise German with the Germans? We design our social and cultural activities in a way to offer you many opportunities to practise your German. There are at least three leisure activities every week. Our students' favourite is our regular Thursday night gathering called "Stammtisch". 
    For a visual impression of our leisure activities visit our photo on facebook.

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT - After-course-competitionIn addition...

  • Outstanding course features
    Here are some characteristics of our programme: careful preparation and needs analysis, detailed placement test, individual attention during the course, course programme tailored to abilities and experience of individual participants, TREFFPUNKT certificate plus advice on post-course follow-up. 
    To read about the different experiences of course participants, please refer to the reports of participants.
  • Choose the most effective way to learn German: Work in small groups and/or one-to-one.
    Your German will improve rapidly on the TREFFPUNKT programme. This is a promise. We arrange small, mixed, multinational classes. Except at the most elementary level, when a little of the student's mother tongue may be used, otherwise all teaching is conducted entirely in German. So even when you are learning about the language, you are using it. 
    Read more about our language school and our method.
  • Courses for adults that suit everyone - all levels and interests.
    The TREFFPUNKT programme was developed to ensure that we meet all learning needs from the basic to the most sophisticated, taking into account special requirements, like for example business presentations. Our courses are particularly suitable for those wishing to increase the effectiveness of their German, at work or for travel and culture and — last but not least — to raise their language level to that required for university entrance.
    Learn more about the course levels.
  • Learn German and have a good time.
    TREFFPUNKT is in the heart of the fascinating historic city of Bamberg, famous for its well-preserved, beautiful old town and its lovely surrounding countryside.
    You will find a diverse variety of cultural events and lively inhabitants. Since Bamberg has one of the lowest crime rates in Germany you will also feel very safe in this town. 
    Get to know Bamberg.
  •  Good for families
    You can attend a TREFFPUNKT course with small children, too. We will take care of them! While you are learning German grammar and vocab, your children will enjoy themselves with our child care staff or they will learn German too – of course with a learning approach that is totally suitable for children!
    Learn more about our offer for families.
  • TREFFPUNKT means good value for your money — Study more for less.
    Studying abroad can be expensive but at TREFFPUNKT Bamberg and in Bamberg it doesn't have to be so. Choose the most economical rates by taking advantage of our online registration directly with us.
    Overview of our course fees and conditions
  • Flexibility — you choose.
    Because you directly contact the language school directly, even last minute bookings are possible. 
    Online enrolment form
  • Blended Learning with TREFFPUNKT online — so you can continue training your German from home
    Exclusively for our students we offer the opportunity to continue studying with your teachers even after your return home. Our partners of TREFFPUNKT online personally discuss the procedure and learning goals before the end of your course in Bamberg, so the contents and progress will be individually tailored to your needs. 
    Detailed course programme
  • Last but not least:
    • Central location in Bambergs' pedestrian zone with many cafés and shops around the school.
    • Free WIFI


Combine studying German with spending a holiday in Germany with your partner. Bring your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend along. She/He will be able to take part in all school activities for free. Any more questions?

Make TREFFPUNKT Bamberg your choice — we are looking forward to welcoming you!