Profile and history of TREFFPUNKT

Language Institute TREFFPUNKT, Bamberg, Germany

If you're looking to learn German intensively and in a manner tailored to your individual needs, then TREFFPUNKT is the school for you.

TREFFPUNKT is a renowned language institute that caters for both business and private individuals. It is located in the center of Bamberg, a German university town designated a cultural landmark by UNESCO.

Qualified instructors and an open and friendly atmosphere ensure swift progress in your command of the German language.

TREFFPUNKT offers a learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. Every day you will be offered the opportunity to practice the knowledge gained in the classroom through personal encounters with residents of Bamberg and a variety of extracurricular activities.

The TREFFPUNKT team will do everything they can to make sure that your stay in Bamberg is not only an absolute learning success, but also a cultural experience you won't easily forget.

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TREFFPUNKT's history

1995    Language Institute TREFFPUNKT – German courses in Bamberg

In 1995 language Institute TREFFPUNKT was founded in Bamberg as an independently operating private language school and is now a leading supplier for „German as a foreign language“ courses in Germany. A language institute for enthusiastic learners from Bamberg and all over the world, we offer a professional language programme complemented by cultural leisure activities and a 'get-in contact' programme, including the ever-popular weekly „Stammtisch“ and a language tandem scheme.

2005    Language Institute TREFFPUNKT – English courses in Bamberg

Language Institute TREFFPUNKT has offered English courses in Bamberg since 2005. Both companies and private individuals have taken advantage of the language courses on offer, either at classes in the historic school building in the town centre or through in-house training at their workplace. The professional teaching by qualified native speakers has already convinced many Bambergers: Small groups with a maximum of four students really allow everybody the chance to speak. Studying on a one-to-one basis with a private teacher in intensive sessions has also proved particularly popular.

2008    Learn languages via internet – TREFFPUNKT online

13 years after the institute was founded, a new form of learning was established: TREFFPUNKT Online-learning - at that time quite revolutionary for Germany! An international automotive supplier joined us in the initial experiment and we now teach German from Alaska to Japan and English in all German speaking countries in Europe. Adults, teenagers and children learn with us to help prepare themselves for different reasons - their work, daily life, school or an official exam. Others do it simply to have fun and improve their command of the language at the same time. Learning online means no fixed course schedule and no travel time. A programme tailored to the individual with a qualified native speaking teacher on a one-to-one basis.

2010    TREFFPUNKT Home Tuition

Another addition to the school’s portfolio is the Home Tuition programme: living with the teacher and learning with them on a one-to-one basis, not only in lessons but also during activities and meals together. German from sunup to sundown. An intensive programme tailored to different objectives and target groups, home tuition suits adults and teenagers alike. Ideal when learning German for the job or daily life, for an official exam or for school. A language course in the morning is followed by practical sessions to put German into practice whilst walking or skiing, cooking or swimming, reading together or having discussions. A new programme - intensive and highly effective.

2016    Language Institute TREFFPUNKT becomes Language Institute TREFFPUNKT Bamberg and Language Institute TREFFPUNKT Online

TREFFPUNKT has expanded, resulting in a reorganisation in 2016. Kristina has taken over the school in Bamberg and founded „Language Institute TREFFPUNKT Bamberg“, which offers both German and English courses. The original founder of Language Institute TREFFPUNKT, Alexandra, has established „Language Institute TREFFPUNKT Online“ and continues to develop the online and home tuition programmes. This new organisation of manpower has created a customer-friendly range of courses including classroom teaching, online and home tuition. After completing an intensive German course in the classroom, clients can now seamlessly switch to learning at home via TREFFPUNKT online. Equally, online learners may opt to take a break from their online course to train intensively at the school in Bamberg or in the home tuition programme. Thus TREFFPUNKT can now guarantee the most important factor when studying – continuity - through the passion and engagement of two individuals.