German for the whole family

Do you know what I mean? A language course can offer you a unique opportunity to more thoroughly enjoy your vacation destination and to expand your knowledge of German in the country where it is spoken. Ever since you started a family, you haven’t had time for language courses anymore. We have first-hand experience with this special situation. This is why we have developed this special program: German for the whole family! The parents finally have time to enjoy an intense language class in peace. While the adults are learning German grammar and vocabulary, the children are well looked after. That way the whole family has fun at the language school.

We offer different variations. Our German programs are as diverse as life itself.


Mama-and-me course

Sprachinstitut Treffpunkt - Mama-and-me-course - German für the whole FamilyMothers with infants are more than welcome to participate in a language course. Baby and pram can join Mom in the classroom. The mother can still focus on learning German while she breastfeeds, bottle or spoon feeds her child, or bounces them around the room. This way Mama can visit a German course while on maturity leave – and baby is happy too. In our experience the babies are well-behaved, finding the quiet and focused atmosphere of the German classroom calming.


Parent-Toddler course

In this variation mother and father can learn German in a mini-group, but it’s often too boring for young children. Instead they can spend their time in a neighboring room that has been set up just for them, in the care of a caring and experienced babysitter. Our babysitters speak German and English, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and French upon request. The babysitter can also give the child food and drinks brought from home as necessary. In case the little ones need to see Mom and Dad, they’re just in the next room. That way the parents can learn German together worry free, while their toddler is having fun.


German all together

Mother, father and the children all have a common goal: they want to learn German. Gladly! In our personally tailored German courses for families there’s room for every wish and idea. Together with our qualified instructors, you’ll learn German in a playful environment. The whole family can improve their German through learning and board games, role-playing games and short plays. You’ll still have a lot of family time together in the afternoons to explore not only Bamberg’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, but also it’s many playgrounds. This way a language learning holiday is fun for the whole family.


Mini group for the parents, fun learning program for the children

Focused German classes for the parents and a learning environment appropriate for the children, yes, even that is possible at the Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg. Mother and father can learn German in mini-groups while the children learn German in an age-appropriate setting at the same time. Traditional classroom lessons alternate with more entertaining activities, like playing games, going for a walk, or watching age-appropriate films or videos. In the afternoon, parents take turns having one-on-one classes to ensure maximum success. While one parent is enjoying their afternoon lessons, the other is off with the kids participating in one of the leisure activities offered by the school, or simply hanging out at the playground or splashing around at the local swimming pool.
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Trial Trip for 1+1

If you would like to offer your child this invaluable opportunity to learn the German language in Germany, but your child is unsure whether he or she would like to stay alone for a while without you in a foreign environment and with a foreign family, our trial trip for a parent with a child is ideal for this! Your child learns German intensively in a family environment - and you have your own language program during the day at one of the most renowned language schools in Germany!
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