Excellent language teaching

Our certifications – superb quality guaranteed

Which quality features should an excellent language course include? How do I recognize them? And who takes care that those quality requirements are fulfilled? Which language course certificates can I earn and in which professional context are they useful? These are some of the questions we are frequently asked by interested customers.

One of the most reliable ways to proof the quality of a language course are certifications. A certification is based on a special procedure that measures and proves specific quality standards. Therefore, a certification officially guarantees the students that their language course fulfills the highest quality standards. An extraordinary example for a European quality standard regarding language courses and language study trips is the so-called DIN EN 14804 standard.

Of course, we have received additional certifications. The Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT is also a member of various associations that deal with high quality standards and the continuous improvement of language trainings. Plus: The German exams that you can take at the Sprachinstitut are important language certificates that will give you access to the German labor market (telc German) as well as to German universities (TestDaF).

This means that as a student of our language courses you can be certain that your language class fulfills the highest quality standard in all aspects and that you have also got the official guarantee for it.

In the following paragraphs you will find an overview of our dedication to quality language training as well as of our certifications. Additionally, you will be informed about the various certificates you can earn after successfully passing the exam.


The DIN EN 14804 standard and its high quality requirements

In order to meet the high quality standard of the DIN EN 14804 numerous requirements must be fulfilled.

These requirements include:

  • well-equipped classrooms
  • the use of trained and qualified language teachers
  • courses that offer a consistent language level to ensure optimal progress for all learners
  • a maximum of eight participants per mini-group
  • at least 15 teaching units per week each lasting 45 minutes
  • an assessment test at the beginning of the course
  • a variety of leisure activities to practice the language skills you have learned
  • a certificate of completion to prove your language proficiency
  • regular quality checks on student accommodations

At the Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT we are extremely proud that our language courses have been certified according to the DIN EN 14804 standard.


Our membership in the Association of German Language Travel Organizers e.V. (FDSV)

Quality plays an important role in the Association of German Language Travel Organizers (FDSV). The FDSV is a registered association consisting of 33 leading German language travel organizers and language schools. The strict quality guidelines of the FDSV are based on the European Language Travel Standard DIN EN 14804 and are mandatory for all club members. By this means, the highest quality is guaranteed. Further information about our FDSV membership.


We are telc exam center for European language certificates

This fact makes us really proud. The Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT is a certified telc examination center. Therefore, all telc German exams can be taken with us. The Sprachinstitut offers many different exam formats from A1 to C2, including telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule or telc Deutsch B1. A telc German certificate is an important entry requirement for the German job market.

The Telc GmbH is a provider of language tests. It’s a non-profit company with its headquarter located in Frankfurt am Main. The abbreviation telc stands for "The European Language Certificates". In our courses we will help you to prepare specifically for the telc language course exam. All important information can be found online at telc Exam Preparation.


TestDaF Examination Center – Your Language Access to German Universities

In addition to the telc German exams, you can take the TestDaF exam (German as a foreign language test) with us. This exam gives you access to all German-speaking universities! About six times a year, we present this standardized test. Worldwide the TestDaF exam takes place on the same day. The TestDaF Institute has certified us as a test center for this exam. A TestDaF certificate provides you with an important entrance requirement for German universities.

If you want to take the TestDaF exam in order to study at a German university you can attend our TestDaF preparation course.


Pedagogical quality guaranteed – Our membership in the Fachverband Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache (FaDaF), the professional association for German as a foreign language and second language

The Fachverband Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache (FaDaF e.V.) consists of approximately 800 members. For this reason, the FaDaF e.V. is one of the most important advocacy groups for providers of language courses and teachers and learners of German as a foreign language (DaF).

The association promotes German language learning and intercultural exchange. It takes care of all matters related to German as a foreign language which also includes all related persons and institutions. The FaDaF e.V. also supports the education and training of teachers.

All FaDaF members sign a strict letter of commitment. In case of violations they will be consistently excluded from the association.

Important points of the letter of commitment are:

  • Teachers are required to have a professional and pedagogical qualification
  • According to the language level, teaching lessons are offered in different variations
  • The content of courses, for example in language schools, is transparent and prices are performance-oriented