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Learn English at Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg, Germany

Start actively learning and communicating in English. Improve your English language knowledge in small groups or in private one-to-one lessons. In a friendly and motivated atmosphere, we focus, from the beginning on, on communication skills, especially on the pronunciation of words as well as writing, reading, and hearing comprehension skills.

Our English Teachers are all native speakers that come from Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and South Africa. They all have experience teaching English to adults and will help you make considerable progress in just 12 weeks. At the end of your course you will receive an English Language Certificate from TREFFPUNKT that shows your English Proficiency Level.

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Our Language Courses

We provide English Courses for people at all levels of English language proficiency –  at TREFFPUNKT we base our courses on the Language Levels set by the Association of Language Tests in Europe. This means our courses are designed for complete beginners and for advanced learners alike.

When you are comfortable with the basics of the English Language (from level B1.2 on), our English courses focus more on either more professional or personal areas of the English language, depending on the reason you are learning English. Our English Programs are ideal for people looking to improve their English in the following areas: general English, Exam Preparation, Academic English, and Business English.

Mini Groups

Would you like to expand your knowledge of the English Language? Learning a foreign language is more fun in a group! With our small groups (with up to 4 participants per course), you have the opportunity to learn and practice English enough so that you feel comfortable enough to confidently speak English and to improve a tremendous amount in a relatively short time period.

We provide four different group levels as part of our English Mini Group offer:

  • Beginner Level English
    This course is designed for all adults who have no previous knowledge of the English language. In this course you will start learning the basics in all areas of English. For example, you will practice and learn to understand English in the following areas:  Speaking, Reading, Hearing Comprehension, and Writing.
  • Pre-Intermediate Level English
    This course is designed for adults that have completed the English Beginner course at TREFFPUNKT or any adults who would like to boost and improve their English.
  • Intermediate Level English
    This course is designed for all adults who have participated in our Beginner and Pre-Intermediate courses or for adults with a basic background knowledge of the English language and would like to continue to learn and improve their English.
  • Upper- Intermediate Level English
    This course is designed for all adults (18 years old or older), that already have a good to a very good understanding of the English language and would like to continue learning in order to achieve a better understanding of English. During this course there is always room for the wishes and needs of the participants. For example, participants can learn how as well as practice writing emails and talking on the telephone in English. This course focuses on expanding both participant’s vocabulary and grammar knowledge while also focusing on communication. In a group of up to 4 participants, it is very easy to practice talking in a free and natural way, even in English.

Business English

Revamp your English and show off your improved knowledge at work! In a small group setting (up to six participants) improve your English in area that you need for your job. This course focuses on job – specific vocabulary and your job related English needs, no matter what they are. Some examples of areas that this course could cover are: learning how to correctly participant in a phone conference, how to make and give a presentation, or how to act in the next meeting conducted in English. Participants will be able to practice pronunciation with our teachers, who are all native English speakers.

The following English levels are available as part of our Business English Course offer:

  • Intermediate Level English
    To participate in this course, you should have a basic understanding of English before the start of this course. If you feel comfortable communicating in English this course is right for you! In this course you will be able to deepen your knowledge of and confidence in English within the context of the professional world. This course is beneficial, if you would like to improve your English for conversations at the office, while speaking on the telephone, to write emails, or prepare and give a presentation.
  • Advanced Level English
    This course is designed for adults who have participated in our Intermediate Level Business German course or who already have a very solid understanding of the English Language. During this course you will be able to deepen your understanding and continue to advance your knowledge of the English language in the context of work and the office. During this course our teachers will talk about specific differences and the unique working cultures of English speaking workplaces- from leadership to negotiation tactics.

English lessons in the morning

At last there is time to learn English! With this course you will be able to start your English learning journey! Each week, there will be a focus on a different interesting subject matter to help participants to improve their vocabulary as well as advancing the participant’s understanding of English grammar. In our small groups (up to six participants per group), it is easy to learn and speak English. As part of this course you will have the opportunity to practice the correct pronunciation of English words with our teachers, who are all native English speakers.  

  • Pre-Intermediate English Level
    This course is designed for all adult learners that have previous knowledge and experience learning English. During this course participants have the opportunity to participate in a general grammar review and as a group come up with subjects they would like to learn about, for example, Marketing in English, English for your next Holiday, geographical and cultural information about English speaking countries and much more. The main goal of this course is to create opportunities to practice communicating in English.   
  • Intermediate English Level
    This course is designed for all adults who already have a good basic understanding of the English language and would like to continue learning and expand their knowledge. This course is also designed to give participants the freedom to determine which subjects and activities they would like to focus on, from writing emails to how to speak English on the phone. In this course you will be able to improve your vocabulary as well as review and deepen your understanding of English grammar. The main focus of this course is communication and with up to four participants per course, it is easy to start communicating in English right from the start.    

2 Person Group Course

In our two-person group course participants profit from individualized lesson plans and support from our native speaking English teachers as well as the opportunity to actively participate in discussions and by doing so practice their English. Because there are only two participants in each course, there is the possibility to decide which areas of the English language the group focuses on during the lesson. This course is designed to take into account the learn style, speed, as well as the participants needs and interests. With this course you will reach your English learning goal in a short period of time.

Private one to one Lessons

With private one to one lessons, you are the star of the show! Our teachers, who are all native English speakers, are entirely focused on your needs and wishes when it comes to learning English. With this focused and individualized experience, you will reach your English learning goals very quickly.

Abitur Preparation Course

Would you like to get an amazing grade on your English Abitur? That’s not a problem with the help of our Abitur-Preparation Course.

“Boost your English” is the motto to live by, at least for everyone who wants to ace their English Abitur exam. Our English teachers, who are all native English speakers from England, the United States, Australia, or Canada, are here to help students taking the English abitur exam in Bamberg prepare for the exam. During this course, you will be able to work through and discuss questions from previous exams. The written portion of your exam preparation will be corrected overnight. At TREFFPUNKT studying for the English Abitur can be less stressful and maybe even fun.

Exam Preparation Course for TOEFL, TOEIC, or CAE Exams

Would you like to take an English proficiency exam but don’t know the right exam for you? Here at TREFFPUNKT we are here to help. Exam preparation courses are only available as one to one private lessons in order to focus on your needs and your personal exam preparation fully. That means that you are able to book as many hours as you would like and decide the frequency at which the lessons occur. The number of hours to become exam fit depends on your current level of English and we will be able to give you an idea of how many lessons you will need after you take our placement test and have participated in the first lesson, to insure accuracy on our part. The minimum about of hours you are able to purchase is ten hours à 45 minutes. We are here to answer your questions.

Academic Writing for University Students as either a private one to one or a two-person group:

If you would like to improve your reading comprehension, grammar or vocabulary and/or you need to give lectures or presentations at an English-speaking University, this course is perfect for you. This course is offered as a one to one private course or a two-person group course. How often and when this course occurs is up to you or you and your learning partner. The minimum number of lessons you can purchase is 10 hours à 45 minutes. We are here to answer your questions.

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