Planning to pass TestDaF first time round?

Then undertake a professional and carefully focused exam preparation course at the Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT TestDaF-Centre in Bamberg!

To do so, you will need to ensure that …

  • your command of German is carefully analyzed – please take a look at our placement C-Test
  • you have reached an appropriate level to undertake our exam preparatory classes
  • you are prepared to invest the necessary time and energy in the course.

TestDaF exam preparation

To pass an exam it will certainly help you to attend  our highly intensive exam preparation course. We offer a preparatory training in form of a tailor made one-to-one training to develop all your written skills beside your oral, listening and reading comprehension.

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When attending a preparatory training your knowledge of German grammar and vocabulary should already corresponds to the level B2.2 or above. The focus will be on developing exam techniques using specimen and previous exams rather than repeating grammar and vocabulary. If you have not yet reached level B2.2 we strongly recommend that you attend the German Intensive-Plus-Course.

Detailled information on the structure of TestDaF

The total exam. time is 190 minutes plus a break of around 50 minutes.

I. Reading comprehension - 60 minutes:
This section of the exam. consists of 3 texts of increasing difficulty.
Text 1 = A short text from an everyday situation at university - matching ten statements to short paragraphs = 10 minutes
Text 2 = journalistic text on an academic subject - 10 questions must be answered, 450-550 words, multiple choice (three possibilities) = 20 minutes
Text 3 =Academic specialist text - 10 questions must be answered, 550-600 words, multiple choice (three possibilities) = 20 minutes
Transcribing answers = 10 minutes

BREAK = 05 minutes

II. Listening Comprehension - 40 minutes:
This section of the exam. consists of three spoken texts of increasing difficulty.
Text 1 = Everyday conversation, dialogue from university life. The conversation lasts 2-3 minutes, there are 8 questions and answers must be given in key words. You will hear the dialogue only once.
Text 2 = A radio interview or discussion on a subject related to study or a general academic subject. The interview lasts 3-4 minutes. You must determine whether ten statements are true or false. You will hear the interview only once.
Text 3 = This is a longer text - a presentation or another interview on an academic subject. The text lasts 4-5 minutes and you will hear it twice.
Transcribing answers = 10 minutes

BREAK = 30 minutes

III. Written Expression = 60 minutes
For this section of the exam. you are required to write a text. An integral part of this section is the description of facts which are represented in diagrammatic or tabular form. In constructing the text, the following structure should be taken into account: introduction - linking paragraph - description of a diagram or table - linking paragraph - main argument - conclusion.

BREAK = 10 minutes

IV. Oral Expression = 30 minutes
This section of the exam. consists of 7 oral tasks. You will be required to give information - specifically to give advice, make requests and to persuade somebody of your point of view. In addition you must describe a diagram or table and express and justify your opinion on a specified topic.

About the TestDaF centre in Bamberg: TREFFPUNKT Language Institute

TREFFPUNKT Language Institute, founded in 1995, is an international language institute for adults learning German as a foreign language. The language school is a member of FaDaF (Fachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache e.V.) and is recognized by the State for further training study.

Our language institute is positioned next to the Main-Danube canal at the beginning of the pedestrian zone in Bamberg and is a comfortable 12 minute walk from the train station. Our teaching rooms are purpose-built, light and functionally furnished. We are a high quality school with an open and friendly atmosphere.

The lessons are taken by well-qualified and experienced teachers, most of whom have a great deal of experience in both teaching abroad and in Germany, as well as having the obligatory academic training. We place great importance on intercultural and communication-orientated teaching. We offer the newest methods in language teaching - our close contact with the German faculty at Bamberg University ensures we are always up to date. As we are a small, highly specialized language institute with German students from all over the world, we focus particularly on our participants individual wishes and learning goals. You will definitely feel good here and as a result will learn quickly!

Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT – learn German both with us and from us and get to know Germany here in Bamberg!