Free German course at the Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT

29.05.2019 15:51

Cooperation with the language magazine „Deutsch perfekt“

Free German Course with "Deutsch perfekt" at Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKTIn June, we offer you the possibility to improve your German skills every Wednesday afternoon from 3:15 pm in our free German class at our language institute located next to the Kettenbrücke right in the city centre of Bamberg. No matter whether or not you’ve registered with us – the classes are complimentary for every German learner!

Together with our Director of Studies, Christoph Brey, you will talk through the various topics of the current issue of „Deutsch perfekt“. In our first session last week, we were talking about marriage – just perfect for the month of May! Apart from that, every participant will receive one free issue of the language magazine.

The offer is only valid in June 2019. We are looking forward to all the participants!