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Host wanted! -

Become part of the TREFFPUNKT family and host course participants from all over the world in your home! Of course, you will also earn money.

TREFFPUNKT students are the most interesting, kind and open-minded people we know. We are really lucky that they come to Bamberg to learn German and to experience the Bamberg culture. You too can benefit from contacts with people from all over the world - and make friends for life!

What do you have to do? Only what you want to do! Some hosts only accept adult participants, some only young people. Some host families also offer half board, others ask their guests to provide their own meals. In an individual conversation we will clarify which type of accommodation suits you best.

Who is coming? As I said: Really very likeable and open-minded, communicative and exciting people find their way to TREFFPUNKT! Most of the participants come from Europe or the USA.  The average age of TREFFPUNKT students is in the early 30's. The youngest participants are 16, the oldest 80 years old.

Who are we looking for? Exactly you! We are looking for families, couples and single people in the Bamberg city bus area who would like to host a language student for one to six weeks and integrate them into their everyday life.

What do you get? Of course there is a fee for the accommodation during the language course! But what is much more important: Many hosts find the encounters with the foreign language students enriching, touching and simply beautiful. Many long lasting friendships and return visits have already resulted from this!

Would you like more information? Contact us via the form, send us an e-mail or call us at 0951-3027989 to get all the details about about accommodating international guests in Bamberg. We look forward to meeting you!