Business Correspondence

Kursnummer: E-S-BUS-CORR-2018-1

The Business Correspondence workshop is designed for those wishing to maximise the impact of their written English, with a particular focus on emails to clients/colleagues based in other countries.

It looks at how to adopt an appropriate register and to use diplomatic language to inform, motivate and inspire others to action. Key phrases for formulating requests, communicating information and emphasising urgency are presented and common mistakes in grammar and punctuation are explained. Throughout the workshop, opportunities are provided for participants to apply the theory to their own texts and a strong focus is placed on the individual requirements of their own specific contexts.

Kleingruppe, maximal 12 Teilnehmern (mindestens 4 Teilnehmer)

mindestens B1

09. / 10. November 2018

1. Tag: 15:30 bis 19:00 Uhr
2. Tag: 09:00 bis 16:30 Uhr

195,- Euro pro Person

ab 195,00 €

inkl. 0% USt.

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