Students Also Love Our Online Lessons!

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2020-06-05 11:01:00 / Language Institute TREFFPUNKT News
Students Also Love Our Online Lessons! -

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TREFFPUNKT Language Institute had to transition its courses into online lessons. We of course love to have our students with us in our school and spend time with them during breaks and free time. But extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures! And student feedback speaks for itself: TREFFPUNKT is quality - online and in person!

We are excited to share these wonderful testimonials from our course participants!

TREFFPUNKT Studentin Sarah über den Online-UnterrichtTREFFPUNKT student Sarah had this to say about our online lessons:
"For me, online lessons are just as good as lessons at school. The teachers are excellent and really make an effort to motivate us! Whether in a small group or one-on-one lessons, the quality of the courses is great and the learning is there!" 

Sarah, France


"Of course I wish the school would open again.
But truth be told, I would have lost my language skills if not for the online lessons.
I would also like to say that the teachers put a lot of effort in. I would really like to thank everyone.”

Sali, Russia

TREFFPUNKT Student Tommy über den Online-Unterricht

TREFFPUNKT student Tommy had this to say about our online lessons:
"Skype lessons are of course not ideal. The atmosphere when you are at school with your peers is much better. Eating and spending time together during the breaks is always more fun.
But despite the circumstances, the teachers still put in a lot of effort to keep the lessons productive and fun. They help us with our homework and prepare us for the exam.
Without a doubt, every lesson educates us further, and every day, I am excited by the possibility to improve my German during these crazy times.”

Tommy, Israel

TREFFPUNKT Studentin Kylie über den Online-Unterricht"I had only been at TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg for two weeks when the borders closed and I had to return home because of the current pandemic. I was very happy that I could continue my studies - it was impressive how quickly TREFFPUNKT was able to adjust and transition to Skype classes. At first, I was disappointed because I really enjoyed the lessons in Bamberg. But now I’ve learned to really cherish the option to have class via Skype.  The technology makes a lot of different learning options possible - for example, the teacher can share their screen with us to show us something. And our homework can simply be submitted via email. This is also a cost-effective option, since I don’t need to pay for living accommodations in Bamberg right now. I miss the teaching environment, but the advantages of Skype classes really make them a good option - thanks TREFFPUNKT!”

Kylie, Australien

TREFFPUNKT Student Lawrence über den Online-Unterricht

TREFFPUNKT student Lawrence had this to say about our online lessons:
"The online lessons are very helpful to me. Even though I am not able to go to the school, TREFFPUNKT offered me this opportunity. The lessons run as normal (both intensive and structured) and I have made a lot of progress."

Lawrence, Nigeria