Germany – Europe's most attractive study destination

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2021-06-10 15:02:00 / Language Institute TREFFPUNKT News
Germany – Europe\'s most attractive study destination - Studiy in Germany: The Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Pathway Program helps you!

Study in Germany - exam preparation at Sprachinstitut Treffpunkt BambergWithin a table of 30 European study destinations, Germany was ranked at the top as the best choice for international students.

According to the European study choice portal Study.EU, Germany offers "a remarkable mix of world-class education at no or almost no fees" and has made "a considerable improvement in the number of courses offered in English".

Accordingly, it is barley surprising that Germany has seen steady growth in its foreign enrollment and is now squarely among even the world's top ten study destinations.

Optimism abounds – even during the pandemic

Despite COVID-19, German universities are optimistic about their international programmes believing both that internationalisation is going to be just as important – if not more – at their institutions after the pandemic. They are expecting that a quick recovery will happen once travel restrictions ease.

Your way to study in Germany

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