Today: Mother Tongue Day

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2021-02-21 10:08:00 / Vater-Mutter-Sprache
Today: Mother Tongue Day -

February 21 is UNESCO Day for the "Promotion of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity and Multilingualism". This goal is also close to our hearts as a language institute. Not only because we have already been able to welcome language enthusiasts from many different countries to Bamberg.

UNESCO recognizes the value of languages and multilingualism for advancing inclusion. Linguistic diversity and especially multilingualism are also very close to our hearts!

TREFFPUNKT promotes multilingualism!

We believe that giving children the opportunity to express themselves fluently and effortlessly in more than one language is a gift. That is why we pay special attention to multilingual education here at TREFFPUNKT.

Project "Vater-Mutter-Sprache"

Our new project Vater-Mutter-Sprache by Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg offers families a roadmap for the multilingual education of their children. Our experts create it individually - because every family is unique! We specifically encourage children to become bilingual and help turn bilingual children into confident polyglot adults! Language changes everything!

Blog series on multilingualism

In a short series of blog posts, we're also shedding light on common mistakes in multilingual education and providing actionable tips for ambitious parents! Check out mistake number 1 here - and here's the story of Mario from Chile, who found a way out of language chaos with us!

(Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)