TREFFPUNKT has a new Head of School! - Welcome, Mareen!

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2023-02-03 12:21:00 / Language Institute TREFFPUNKT News
TREFFPUNKT has a new Head of School! - Welcome, Mareen! -

At TREFFPUNKT, we are looking forward to the collaboration between Mareen Schönfelder and Kristina Schimmeyer.

Mareen has been with TREFFPUNKT since 2019. First she was a teacher, became course manager in 2020 and has now taken over as Head of School as of January 1, 2022.

Mareen has a great talent: she creates an atmosphere of appreciation! This is really important for her work as the school's " Minister of the Interior". Professionally, her commitment is to the continuing education and training of the team. She also supports "collegial observation," the idea of learning from each other through mutual visits in the classroom. So Mareen visits colleagues in class, and there are also mutual visits by teachers to each other's courses.
Mareen develops TREFFPUNKT's course program step by step, while Kristina, as CEO and owner of TREFFPUNKT, takes care of the strategic direction. She is committed to maintaining and expanding international partnerships, contact with customers, and promoting the Bamberg language institute internationally as a TREFFPUNKT ambassador.

Together, Mareen and Kristina are a top duo! They strengthen each other: Their individual strengths come into their own even better and the ideas just bubble up when they make plans together and throw ideas around the room.
Mareen and Kristina are proud of the entire TREFFPUNKT team that puts their ideas into practice. Soon we will introduce the individuals who make the language school the place where everyone feels at home: Our colleagues! Mareen as the director of the school and Kristina as the manager do everything to make TREFFPUNKT a place where German, English and other languages are learned with the best quality. TREFFPUNKT - Language changes everything!