TREFFPUNKT and Lutz-Hans have no partnership

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2023-05-09 12:32:00 / TREFFPUNKT in general
TREFFPUNKT and Lutz-Hans have no partnership -

Clarification: We would like to point out in all clarity that the language institute TREFFPUNKT and the Lutz-Hans School in Ibadan, Nigeria, are no longer partners as of October 2022!

Unfortunately, we had to learn that a former partner of TREFFPUNKT, the Lutz-Hans School of Business and European Language, continues to act in our name in Nigeria even after the termination of the partnership with TREFFPUNKT and misuses our good name. This goes so far that the Lutz Hans School of Business and European Language issues forged TREFFPUNKT certificates. We will now defend ourselves against this by legal means.

The partnership between the two schools began in March 2019. CEO Kristina Schimmeyer was in Ibadan, Nigeria twice in 2019 to initiate and nurture the partnership.

The concept of the partnership was to give young Nigerians the opportunity to learn German up to level B2 in the country with TREFFPUNKT quality. The participants were then to complete level C1 as well as preparation for studies at a German university at TREFFPUNKT in Germany.

Unfortunately, after some time it turned out that the quality of the teaching did not meet the TREFFPUNKT standards at all. After all, TREFFPUNKT stands for the highest quality. This finally made Kristina Schimmeyer resort to the last resort in October: terminating the partnership.