Shorter assessment period for telc as of 2021

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2021-01-17 07:11:00 / Exams at TREFFPUNKT
Shorter assessment period for telc as of 2021  -

From the exam to the certificate

The year 2021 holds many novelties - among others also for telc examinations. Those who took such a language exam in the past had the choice between the standard exam and the express exam. With standard exams, the certificates were usually available after four to six weeks. Express exams were much faster: the guaranteed evaluation time was two weeks. The downside: the exam price was higher if you were in a hurry.

Express evaluation no longer possible from 2021

telc has now changed its internal procedures and, starting in 2021, guarantees that all exams will be evaluated within three weeks. However, this means that the option of taking an express exam is no longer available. So from now on, there will no longer be a choice for telc language exam takers. Each exam will now be offered at a lower price and will be evaluated much faster than before.

How to calculate correctly

So if you need to submit a language certificate, you should now allow at least three weeks between the exam and the deadline. To be on the safe side, a small buffer would be useful. The TREFFPUNKT team recommends: calculate four weeks between the exam and the deadline!

Your exam every week at the language institute TREFFPUNKT

Nothing will change at TREFFPUNKT in 2021! This year we will continue to offer you your telc exam every week! As a rule there are

Your exam preparation at TREFFPUNKT

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