1. What year was your school established?
  2. Private/Public school (circle one)?
  3. Age Requirement?
    Up from 18
  4. Last years attendance. {total number of students} 
    Winter {40} Spring {50} Summer {120} Fall {50}
  5. Nationalities: What are your students' nationalities in percentages? 
    U.S./Canada/Australia 30%, Italian/Spain 30%, South America 10%, Asia 10%,  Rest of Europe 20%
  6. How many levels of courses do you have?
    Five levels + business German
  7. List the courses that your school offers:
    Intensive German, Business German, Technical German in Group classes and individual lessons, Literature, preparation for the Goethe Exam ZDaF and Zertifikat C1 in our intensive plus programme
  8. Course periods & their costs
    German Courses
    Englisch Courses
  9. Do you offer airport pick up?
    Yes. If so, how much is airport pick up? From Frankfurt and Munich to Bamberg = EUR 155, from Nuremberg to Bamberg EUR 60, other airports on request.
  10. What is the name, mode of transportation and distance from the most commonly used airport to your school?
    Mostly on train from Frankfurt airport - distance 230 km - 3 hours by train - train connection airport Frankfurt - Bamberg via Würzburg
  11. Do you offer homestays?
  12. How much is the homestay administration fee?
    No fee
  13. Do you offer dormitories?
  14. Do you help arrange apartment rentals?
  15. What's the approximate average distance from the accommodations to the school? For example: a 15 minute walk, 25 minutes by bicycle, 30 minutes by bus etc.
    Mostly in a walking distance less than 15 minutes
    Maximum 12 minutes by bicycle
    Maximum 12 minutes on bus
  16. How long are most classes (uninterrupted time between breaks)? 
    From 9 till 12:30 = 4 lessons per day, 1 lesson = 45 minutes
  17. What is the average number of students per class? 
    - in a class with maximum of 10 we have an average of 7 students
    - in a class with maximum of 6 we have an average of 4 students
  18. What is the maximum number of students per class? 
    Choose between 6 or 10
  19. How many classrooms do you have that you use regularly?
  20. What are some popular extracurricular activities for students at you school?
    "Stammtisch" - regular meeting on Thursday night in a pub in the winter and a beer garden in the summer with locals of Bamberg. Also we organize bicycling tours, smoked beer evenings, visit of one of the many beer-gardens in Bamberg, evening walks, Volleyball on Wednesday, badminton, movies, swimming
  21. Write a very brief location description: 
    Two minutes from the pedestrianized shopping center, surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafes and two popular breweries
  22. What city/town are you located in or nearest to. 
    We are located in Bamberg - 60 kms north of Nuremberg - a typical historical, lively and at the same time traditional university town, also called the Rome of the North.
  23. How many full time teachers do you presently have? 
    Three full time and six part time
  24. Are all of your teachers qualified university graduates? 
  25. If your institute is privately owned, does your school rent its facilities or own? 
  26. Which homestay company do you deal with? 
    None, they are all chosen on a private basis and carefully selected.
  27. What's your schools referral commission percentage 
    20% on the course fees.
  28. Do you pay commission on accommodations?