Learning languages for zero Euro - how does it work?! - part 1

02.10.2020 06:18

Porträt von Kristina Schimmeyer, Geschäftsführerin des Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg Three free language learning tips

The sobering and honest answer first: learning a foreign language without a teacher, course or book is almost impossible. Unless you are a little baby who finds learning a language as easy as producing a diaper!

Buuuuuut: As a long-time German teacher (and because I have learned one or the other language myself), I can give you a few tips that really don't cost a cent extra and that will bring you closer to your goal of learning a foreign language better.


"OmOU" with paper and pen: You know it from the cinema: "OmU", meaning "original with subtitle". If you stream your favorite series at home, you can do the same thing! Or even better: While the movie audio in the cinema is in, say, Polish, the subtitles are usually in German. This helps especially those who don't understand Polish at all. But if you want to learn Polish, I recommend the following variant: "Original with original subtitles", that is "OmOU"! The advantage: You read exactly what you hear. And if you don't understand a phrase, a word or a whole sentence, you can write down the words and look them up. Depending on how exciting the story is at this very moment, you simply do this later or you just pause the series for a moment. "OmOU" with pen and paper - better than cinema ( - for language learning)!

Cappuccino tandem

Cappuccino tandem: Sure, exercise in the fresh air is great for the brain. But I'm not talking about cycling together, but about learning languages together! For example, if you want to learn Italian, you can find a nice Italian to meet regularly. You could meet in a café and speak Italian while you have a cappuccino, and then speak German over a filter coffee. That way you not only learn a language, but also find nice friends for life! You can find tandem partners all over the world on the Internet on various platforms and apps. You can find tandem partners in Bamberg at Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT Bamberg. Have a look on our website. We would be happy to add you to our tandem file! 😊

The cell phone is your accomplice

The cell phone as an accomplice: Of course you know that cell phones are smart devices. You may never have thought about the fact that they speak the language you are still struggling to learn fluently. But yes: Your cell phone can be your accomplice in learning a language! It's actually quite easy: Under "Settings" in your cell phone you will find the possibility to change the default language. As soon as you have done that, your cell phone will communicate with you in Hungarian, for example! You spend so much time with your Smart Phone - from now on you will use this time much more sensibly!

The author

Kristina Schimmeyer is the CEO of TREFFPUNKT Language Institute. She is in charge of making TREFFPUNKT Language Institute into a competent and a worldwide recognized Language Learning Centre. This includes cooperation with international agencies and working together with companies from Bamberg and around the world. Kristina Schimmeyer loves the German language and teaching. She started teaching German as a foreign language when she was just 14 years old and later she studied German at University so she could make her passion for teaching German into a career.  After an Internship abroad in Romania and a Degree in Educational Management from the PH Ludwigsburg, Kristina Schimmeyer started working at different Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, for example Bamberg University, Würzburg University, Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg.