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2022-11-09 11:56:00 / Courses at TREFFPUNKT
Learning German at TREFFPUNKT -

Learning German at TREFFPUNKT 🎯 - that means learning German with friends.
The mini-groups are really colourful. Countries, mother tongues, gender and age - at TREFFPUNKT it's really diverse!
At TREFFPUNKT you learn German in small groups. A maximum of 8 students learn together. They speak a lot, they have an open atmosphere and a good mood.
You can find all the information about our course concept here: https://learn-german.com/The-TREFFPUNKT-Teaching-Method
You'll reach your goals quickly: In just 8 weeks, you'll learn a language level. You can go from A0 to B1 in 6 months!
Would you also like to learn German at TREFFPUNKT? We look forward to meeting you! 😀
Our new courses start on 9 January. Enrolment 🖋 has already started.

Book your German course directly online: https://learn-german.com