Multilingual education: This is the right way to do it!

When it comes to multilingual education, parents can do a lot right! After all, giving children the opportunity to express themselves fluently and effortlessly in more than one language is a gift. This ability not only broadens the horizons of the multilingual and helps break down cultural barriers. It can also be rewarded in cash, when career opportunities increase because one speaks the language of an important business partner. Multilingualism is also politically desirable. The European Union pursues the goal that all EU citizens learn two foreign languages so well that they can organize their everyday working lives in these languages.
So there are good reasons for teaching children other languages as early as possible - but please do it properly! Because there are also many pitfalls for parents who let their children grow up multilingual. In a short series, I would like to highlight the most common mistakes -

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21.02.2021 10:08
February 21 is UNESCO Day for the "Promotion of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity and Multilingualism". This goal is also close to our hearts as a language institute. Not only because we have more ...
14.02.2021 17:32
Bilingual education takes longer than you think... During my time at the University of Bamberg, I was responsible for foreign language education in economics. All business students had the nice more ...
13.02.2021 06:20
Chaotic life abroad My life at the beginning of 2016 was pure chaos. We, my wife, my five-year-old son and I had been in Nuremberg for a year. I work for an international company, based in more ...
Total entries: 3