Corona changes

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2020-06-16 17:18:00 / Language Institute TREFFPUNKT News
Corona changes - Changes by corona at the language institute TREFFPUNKT Bamberg, Germany

One-to-one tuition in times of the Corona virusFinally we are allowed to re-open! After a break that was difficult for all of us, we are prepared for a new beginning at the language institute. We´ve been waiting for it!! What we´ve learned so far: Corona has changed our lives and will continue to do so. That affects all parts of life, of course also learning. The TREFFPUNKT team accepts the challenge and acts accordingly.

Bamberg is situated in Bavaria, the region with the strictest Corona-rules in Germany. That means the highest possible safety standards for the students. Learning a language has certainly changed. For example: Our teachers wear masks during classes. The face is not visible, so the language of the body becomes more and more important. Also in these times we stick to the standards of the European Language Travel Norm. Our TREFFPUNKT quality is certified, also now during Corona times.

Examinations are held with a smaller number of participants. The distance between them is bigger than usual.

We used to explore the beautiful city of Bamberg together. We are looking forward to the times when this will be possible again!

We used to stand together in the hallways during the breaktimes, drinking coffee, laughing and talking. Unfortunately, we cannot do this at the moment. The good thing is: We have a great place directly in front of the school building. Here, we can have a break together, drink coffee and laugh – outside and in a distance.

We are looking forward to having you with us, learning German, exploring the beautiful city of Bamberg and making new friends.

Discover the new era of language learning at TREFFPUNKT Language Institute!