Business German PLUS (mini group lessons + private lessons) 2021

Item number: D-G-20-EZB-x-2021

  • Combination of mini group lessons and individual lessons
  • 20 hours mini-group tuition + (min.) 10 hours individual tuition
  • Individual tuition with individual number of hours and focus of topics
  • Course objective: Successful communication in a professional environment
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  • Welcome to the region with the highest concentration of breweries in the world!
    Statistically speaking, there is one brewery every three kilometres in Franconia, northern Bavaria.

    You will find 9 breweries in Bamberg itself and in the surrounding area that number is closer to 65!

    What is so special about Franconian beers?
    Specialty "Smoked Beer"? What?s that all about?
    How does the smoke get into the beer?
    And what does Saint Peter have to do with all of this?

    If you would like to know more about the beer culture in Germany then join our beer seminar - informative, interesting and fun.

    • Gain an insight into the beer region of Franconia and aspects of German brewing history.
    • Appreciate and understand that beer is part of our cultural heritage in Franconia and Germany.

    • Presentation of ingredients used for brewing beer
    • Insights into the brewing process - including a recipe for a blond Lager (= Vollbier)
    • Overview of different beer types, beer glasses and technical terms
    • Overview of the breweries in Bamberg
    • Interesting, unusual and historic facts about THE Gerrman beverage.
    • Put your knowledge into practice - beer tasting in the guesthouse brewery Ambräusianum

    • Immerse yourself in the world of brewers and maltsters in the brewery museum of Bamberg
    • Taste, smell and feel the ingredients (hops, malt, yeast and water) of German beers brewed according to the REINHEITSGEBOT of 1518.
    • Experience the diversity of beer available by tasting Pils / Blond Lager / Dark Lager / Yeast Beer and Smoked Beer

    Target group:  
    • All German students who are interested in beer and its history and of course those who enjoy drinking beer

    Level of language ability:  
    • level B1 or more

    • introduction the different types of beer and their characteristics
    • introduction to the beer brewing process
    • regional beer tasting
    • 3 units (private lessons) á 45 minutes

    Additional information:  
    • every participant will receive an informative folder of about 18 pages
  • Enter into the language of German cookery with us!

    Join us on a culinary tour of traditional German cookery:
    • You are interested in German cuisine, for private or for professional reasons?
    • You are constantly looking for new recipes?
    • Baking and cooking are your great passion?
    • You want to be able finally to read and understand German cookery books?
    • Your are not the classical gourmet but you are curious?
    • You want to learn German and be creative?

    We want to furnish you with:  
    • an introduction to German cookery
    • confidence in dealing with German recipes
    • improved skills of oral expression
    • knowledge of the Franconian - gourmet - culture

    Content and method:  
    • Increase the vocabulary about cooking and baking
    • Get to know specific technical terms used in literature, cookery books and different recipes
    • Learn branch specific expressions
    • Be made familiar with popular cookery books used in German speaking countries
    • Train the vocabulary and the oral expression in an every day situation
    • Compose a seasonal 3 dish menu
    • Prepare 2 dishes of the menu

    Recommended for all...
    • who enjoy cooking, baking, eating and drinking
    • who are interested in German cookery
    • who want to include German dishes in their repertoire
    • who want to learn German via another and creative way
    • who would like to work in a German speaking area

    Level of language ability:

    At least Level A2


    3 units (private lessons) á 45 minutes

    • Vocabulary Training
    • Presentation of different cookery books in German
    • Work on a 3 dish menu

    • Preparation of 2 dishes
    • Train the vocabulary and the oral expressions
    • Taste and refine - with wine just because it rhymes :-)

    • Enjoy with delight

    The same program is offered for baking cakes, gateau, flan and tart.

    Additional information:  

    The course content can be adapted to the ideas and wishes of the course participants
    The course material and a small collection of recipes is included
    The seminar can be booked independent of a German course at an additional fee of +10% .

  • Do you feel uncomfortable about making presentations in German, or in front of a German audience?

    Presentations offer an excellent opportunity to put forth your ideas, provide information and sell your products. However, surveys show that many people have difficulties when making presentations - especially in a foreign language.

    This seminar will help you overcome such difficulties and fears. In it, you will learn and practice...
    • how to prepare information correctly
    • the things that a German audience values in a presentation, as well as what they do not like
    • how to speak strongly and convincingly
    • how to make proper use of presentation media
    • how to leave a positive and lasting impression

    • A greater sense of security for making convincing presentations to a German audience
    • Improvement of verbal and written skills

    • Basic rules for putting together presentation materials
    • Preparing a presentation
    • Presentation format
    • Content
    • Greeting and introduction
    • Proper behaviour during a presentation
    • Expressing thanks and closing
    • Post-presentation activities
    • Additional things to think about

    Level of language ability:  
    • At least Level B1


    4 units (private lessons) á 45 minutes

    1st session:
    Preparation and format of presentation documents
    practical exercises

    2nd session:
    Standard sentences for presentations,
    proper behaviour
    practical exercises

    3rd session:
    Utilization of multimedia assistance tools,
    brief presentations by participants, discussion,
    Q&A, sample PowerPoint presentations

    Additional information:  

    Course materials are included in the seminar fee.

    • Do you wish to improve communication with your German business partners?
    • Would you like to learn more about etiquette and proper manners when dealing with German business partners?
    • Do you wish to feel more secure when talking on the phone with Germans?
    • Do you feel unsure of yourself when writing e-mails and letters in German?

    Our one-day compact seminar at the weekend will help you practice and enhance your skills in these areas. The seminar is particularly effective when taken in combination with one of our intensive German courses, but it can also be booked independently of such a course.

    • A greater sense of security when dealing with German business partners in both formal and informal situations
    • Improvement of verbal and written skills

    • Introducing oneself in a formal situation
    • On the phone: Standard business situations like greeting, making appointments, requiere information, puting through
    • Rules and verbalizations for e-mails and business letters
    • Communication rules for
      • presentations
      • meetings
      • moderation
    • Business attire
    • Business lunch
    • Small talk with business partners from German-speaking countries

    Level of language ability:
    At least level B1


    Four instructional units (private lessons) of 45 minutes each

    Part I: 
    Introductions, Office Etiquette


    Part II: 
    Telephoning, Making Appointments
    Written Correspondence: Business letters, e-mails


    Part III:
    Communication rules in common situations
    Q&A Session

    Additional information:  

    Course materials and the book "More than manners - Business Etiquette in Germany" are included in the seminar fee.
    The seminar can also be booked as one-on-one training or as a group booking of at least four participants.

  • In order to proceed successfully with a job application in Germany, we will give you essential tips in this seminar and you will learn:
    • What the needed application documents are and how they are perfectly designed.
    • How you to find the most interesting employers and how you can contact them.
    • What you should consider when starting in a German company.

    • Having success with your job search in Germany.
    • Learning the special features of job applications in Germany.
    • Behaving appropriately during the decisive conversations of the job interview.
    • Substantiate the application focus: Where do I have the most chances?

    • Knowing the aims, chances and risks while searching for a job in Germany.
    • Getting to know different application paths in Germany.
    • Learning how to prepare various application documents.
    • What is expected during the first days at a new job in Germany.

    If you already have your documents prepared and you want to be trained for a specific current job offer, probably the seminar Successful Job interview in Germany is more appropriate.

    Level of language ability:

    At least language level A2


    Duration: four instructional units of 45 minutes, as individual training 1-to-1

    Part I:    

    Introduction, goal clarification, individual focuses
    What documents are needed for the job application in Germany?
    Job application, cover letter and resume (sample)
    Creating a CV
    Creating e a cover letter
    Finding a current job offer

    Create or revise the resume, create a cover letter, search for interesting job opportunities

    Part II:      

    Going over the CV and final version
    Going over and correction of the cover letter
    Selection and evaluation of current vacancies
    Adjustment of the sample cover letter to apply for the selected Job
    clarification of questions

    prepare a complete sample application file

    Part III:      

    Reviewing the completed application file
    Creating blocks and sample texts for other cover letter refering to specific job postings
    Tips to create a LinkedIn and XING profile, text modules
    Discussion of the next application steps
    Clarify recent questions

    Additional information:

    The seminar isn't tied to the booking of a language course at TREFFPUNKT.
    In addition to extensive seminar documents there is also in the course price included:
    The book "More than manners - Business Etiquette in Germany" is included in the seminar fee,
    extensive sample texts, tips and examples to download (password protected)

  • How do I show myself to be convincing in the job interview?
    Inner quiet, safety and persuasiveness are seldom demanded like in a job interview.

    This includes how I talk about my qualification, my personality, my personal goals and what I do expect from the new job?
    Leave nothing to chance! For the most questions In a job interview you should be prepared for most questions.

    In our individual training you learn:
    • What behaviour is expected during the job interview?
    • How the conversation goes off?
    • What you must respond and what you shouldn't say?
    • What you should ask and not place
    • How to place yourself best regarding your qualification?
    • How to prepare your application documents?

    • Being well prepared for a job interview
    • How to lead interviews successful
    • Reducing nervousness and fear of job interviews

    • Discussion and tips about all documents required for the job interview
    • Preparation and simulation of a job interview
    • Analysis of the interview
    • Tips to questions and answers during the interview

    Recommended for all who..
    • want to prepare for an interview optimally.
    • want to get to know the expiry and the questions during an interview in Germany Switzerland or Austria
    • who wish to apply for a job in Germany, Switzerland or/and Austria.

    Level of language ability:  
    • At least language level B1
    • Application documents (CV, references, cover letter) in German.
    • If you have not created any application materials in German or this in English only, we recommend the seminar Successful Job Applications in Germany first.


    Four instructional units (private lessons) of 45 minutes each

    Unit 1:   your candidate profile, your motivation
    iInventory of all necessary application documents (CV, references, cover letter, job posting / job description) with suggestions for improvement

    Homework: Work on the curriculum vitae and    cover letter, preparation for a fictitious job interview

    Unit 2:  

    final discussion and improvements of all application documents
    tips for the job interview, questions & answers, progress of the interview
    Homework: prepare for a fictitious job interview

    Unit 3:  

    simulation: Fictional job interview
    interview analysis (arguments, behavior, documents, workflow, conclusions, tips)

    Additional information:

    The seminar isn't tied to the booking of a language course at TREFFPUNKT.
    In addition to extensive seminar documents there ist also in the course price included:
    The book "More than manners - Business Etiquette in Germany"
    Extensive sample texts, tipps and examples to download (password-protected)

  • Wollen Sie als Reiseunternehmer, Hotelier oder Animateur den Kontakt zu deutschen Kunden oder Partnern verbessern?
    Möchten Sie "die deutsche Urlaubsmentalität" besser kennen lernen?
    Wünschen Sie sich mehr Sicherheit beim Telefonieren und beim Schreiben von E-Mails und Briefen?
    Möchten Sie über Grundlagen im deutschen Reiserecht informiert sein?

    Diese Themen behandeln Sie in unserem Seminar.

    • Sicherheit im Umgang mit deutschen Urlaubern und deutschen Geschäftspartnern
    • Die Bedürfnisse des deutschen Urlaubers verstehen
    • Verbesserung der mündlichen und schriftlichen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten
    • Zusammenhänge von Reiseveranstalter, Vermittler und Kunde erkennen

    4 Unterrichtseinheiten Einzelunterricht á 45 Minuten
    • Erweiterung des vorhandenen Wortschatzes um Begriffe aus dem Bereich Tourismus und Fremdenverkehr.
    • Vermittlung branchenspezifischer Formulierungen
    • Sicherheit bei Telefongesprächen mit deutschen Partnern und Behörden
    • Festigung des schriftlichen Ausdrucks
    • Einblick in die deutsche Urlaubsmentalität
    • Spezial-Themen je nach Interesse der Teilnehmer

    Sprachniveau mindestens B1

    Sonstige Infos:
    Der Programminhalt kann auch nach den Themenwünschen der Teilnehmer variiert werden.
    Die Kombination mit einem Deutschkurs ist nicht zwingend. Es kann auch alleine gebucht werden.
    Das Seminar kann bei Bedarf auch als Fortsetzungsseminar aufgebaut werden.

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  • telc Deutsch C2: individual date
Your configuration

Business German PLUS (mini group lessons + private lessons) 2021

Course location:

The course takes place at our school in Bamberg. Please contact us for any course locations according to your wishes, e.g. on-site in your company or in a seminar hotel of your choice.

Note for corporate clients: We would be glad to develop a course programme which is specifically tailored to the needs of your employees.

Combined Course:

In this course you have 20 lessons in a mini group in the morning plus 10 lessons (minimum) of One-to-One training in the afternoon.

This business German training is the ideal combination if you are looking for student interaction and lessons tailored 100% to your needs.

Course aim:

The course is aimed at training you in the use of German in German business communication. You will benefit both from learning naturally in a group and studying more intensively on targeted problems alone with your teacher.

This will develop your understanding and use of business German in order to participate effectively in business with your German speaking partners.


In general: This course is a synthesis of the communicative and the grammatical-structural approach. The course includes

  • communication and listening skills
  • pronunciation
  • note-taking
  • e-mail and letter-writing
  • telephone skills
  • business presentations
  • negotiating
  • sales and marketing.

Length of course:

You choose the duration according to your needs.

We can guarantee you rapid progress through a combination of expert teaching and a friendly atmosphere that will ensure that your every personal aim and wish is satisfied.

Of course, your German learning experience will not be limited to the classroom. We arrange leisure activities at least three times a week in which you will have the chance to put your lessons into practice and develop your social skills in German.

Target groups:

Business people and students who want to improve their German within a very short time scale and learn about business customs in Germany

Level of German:  

You will receive an online-test before you come to your course. For initial orientation and self-assessment please check our Course Levels.

Duration & time schedule:  

1 week and longer
Depending on the test results and the common requirements of the group we will develop a special programme of topics. Please send your detailed wishes to us in advance which will help us match your one-to-one lessons in the afternoon to your very needs.
In the morning you will have 4 language lessons and in the afternoon 2 one-to-one lessons (or more if you wish).
The rest of the day is for homework (calculate up to 2 hours per day).

If you wish to extend your 1-to-1 tuition, it is possible at any time.

We also suggest you take part in our evening leisure programme, practising your German over a tasty local beer in one of the pubs and breweries in Bamberg.

The start of the course is subject due to the Corona pandemic.

You can find the current status here:

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